Bay Area Beauty Love: H2O+ Beauty

Yay for the Bay! In this series, for the month of February 2019, I’ll be featuring products from and around my stomping grounds, the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why, yes, it amuses me to no end that whenever I need a tropical 🌴🍍 scent fix, the brand I usually turn to (H2O Plus) isn’t located someplace tropical. Instead, it’s based in San Francisco.

I have no idea why this is so funny to me. 😂 I’m way too easily amused!

H2O+ Beauty has been a fave of mine for ages. I actually started using them back when I lived in SF in the early Aughts (back when I was all about the Milk lotion). Now I turn to them mainly for body products, like shower gels and lotions, but they also have a few really great skin care products too, like their $20 hydrating gel Elements Keep It Fresh Face Cleanser for normal to dry skin. I love using it after I work out because it totally takes care of the sedimentary layers of sweat without drying out my cheeks, which is no easy feat!

But my “go-to” items from the brand, by far, are the Coconut Verbena Body Wash ($18) and Body Butter ($22). I get them whenever I see them on BOGO at Ulta (which is often, and right now there’s a buy-one-get-one at 40% online). The scent is my favorite tropical scent whenever I’m going through Hawaii withdrawals like I am now.

It’s beachy without the standard sunscreen, piña colada or sweet pineapple notes. It has a strong bright lemon verbena tone that lifts it up and gives it a citrus-y vibe that’s very refreshing, but there’s also a plumeria note, so you aren’t walking around just smelling like lemons, LOL! The coconut is perfection, too, because it smells like freshly cracked coconut as opposed to that artificially sweet coconut candy.

Between the pair of them, my alligator limbs stand absolutely no chance. I am mois-tur-ized!

Chunky braid saves the day

I’m back from the party! I ended up going with a messy, chunky braid, and it turns out that it was the perfect thing for making the grays look purposeful. I did a deep side part to show off my silver highlights. 😊

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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