benefit punch pop
With love from THE BAY!!

Yay for the Bay! In this series, for the month of February 2019, I’ll be featuring products from and around my stomping grounds, the San Francisco Bay Area.

My idea of the perfect party punch involves strawberries, and if they aren’t in there in copious amounts (mashed or sliced, doesn’t matter to me), I’m out. There’s a Strawberry version in the new-ish Benefit Punch Pops, so YAY for me and my red berry addiction, which I blame on a childhood spent obsessing over Strawberry Shortcake (the doll, not the dessert…although I do love both).

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the boxes say “Liquid Lip Color,” when really, this new-ish line, which came out last fall, is made up of straight-up lipglosses.


Slightly confusing marketing aside, the glosses are fun, functional and best of all, cute, which is what Benefit, a beauty brand based outta SF (my old stomping grounds!), does best.

benefit punch pop

This line of non-sticky, full-pigment glosses is supposed to be cheeky and fun and not meant to be taken too seriously. You stick one in your purse, wear it everyday for two weeks straight, and then after that, occasionally take it out whenever you do a deep dive into your bag (“Oh, so THAT’S where it went!”) and touch up with it before moving onto the next thing.

The deets

  • $18 each, available in 7 shades in the permanent line (although FYI, Benefit is known for revamping/relaunching their glosses every five minutes couple years).
  • Unscented, unflavored
  • Feels similar to a Chanel Glossimer on the lips, with medium weight and a little bit of glide (so, heftier than a MAC Lipglass, but not as slick as MAC Cremesheen).
  • Applies evenly, and stays shiny for about an hour before it starts to fade.
  • For the darkest shades, I get a maximum wear time of about three hours; for the lighter shades, about two.
  • I find the formula to be slightly drying on my lips.
benefit gogo tint pink berry
I’m wearing Pink Berry.
benefit punch pop swatches
Bold or neutral? Take your pick! (Not pictured, Pink Berry… It was in my purse!)

This is a cute and completely functional lipgloss, and while it might not revolutionize the makeup world as we know it, it’s darling enough to probably bring a smile to your 🙂 face every time you take it out. Totally appropriate for the young and the young-at-heart, and if Connor were a tween, I’d be cool with her “borrowing” the light pink one from me and keeping it in her backpack.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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