Aveda Texture Tonic to Define and Enhance Texture for Hair That Looks Effortlessly Undone

aveda texture tonic
Hey, sugar!

I cannot stop smelling my hair today! It smells exactly like that yummy tea they serve at Aveda stores.

You know the one. It’s herbal, a little sweet, a little bit like fresh crushed sage sprinkled on top of a bucket of ginger candy and cinnamon. It smells fresh and delicious, and it’s all up in my strands right now because I just sprayed the new Aveda Texture Tonic ($25) into my mane. The aroma is super strong.

Texture Tonic is a new texturizing and styling spray in Aveda’s hair styling line, and unlike most salt-only beach wave hairsprays, like Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, it’s a sugar AND salt spray.

I’m not exactly sure what the sugar brings to the table, but it’s bringing something. I’ll say that much.

One thing I love about this spray is that it doesn’t make my hair feel hard or crunchy, and you know I don’t do crunch.

aveda texture tonic
After five (yes, I counted them!) sprays of Texture Tonic

It does add grit and texture, and it capably coaxes out waves, but it isn’t nearly as gritty as Bumble’s Surf Spray. It’s, like, mid-level grit, so you don’t feel that salt spray stiffness or stickiness, and your mane remains touchable (although not as soft as it is when I use R+Co Sail, which is the love of my life right now).

Aveda Texture Tonic is similar to…

This works best if you don’t use too much of the product. My hair is past my shoulders, and I only use 6-7 sprays at the most. Any more that, and your hair will probably start to feel crunchy-munchy.

I also like that my hair doesn’t get frizzy after I spray it with this (you can use it on either damp or dry hair). The spray smooths my strands, makes them shine, and it gathers up the pieces of hair into beauty bundles, for lack of a better phrase right meow, to make your mane look broken up and kind of chunky, like it looks when you spend the day at the beach.

A 4.2-ounce bottle is $25, and you can get it now at Aveda stores and salons. It’s in their permanent.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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