Accessorize Me! 13 Playfully Pink Shoes From DSW

adidas pink shoes
adidas pink shoes

Accessorize Me! is a new series featuring roundups and single product features of shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories that catch my eye.

Me: You don’t need another pair of shoes, Karen.
Also Me: OMG, that pale pink suede pair of Nikes is a totally good idea.
Me: Oh, no, those will totally get dirty, you know it, within 2.5 seconds.
Also Me: Who the heck cares?!

Girl… I strolled into DSW yesterday and was floored by all the cute tennis shoes. Yeah, I’ve finally become that person who wears tennis shoes all the time because, well, chasing after a high-energy child while wearing heels is a death wish for your ankles.

So, if you’ve read MBB for any length of time, you probably know that, once upon a time, I lived in heels. I loved them so much that I wore them everywhere, even to the airport, because I was that serious about having an extra three inches of height on me, LOL!

Ah, good times…

But now? Now I’m all about cute tennies. ?

It started when Connor (who’s officially a toddler now, wah!) became “that kid” (air quotes) — you know, the child shooting across Costco at the speed of light and screaming like a banshee. I swear, that girl has two speeds. She’s either standing still or sprinting for Olympic gold.

So I started wearing tennis shoes all the time because it’s easier to catch her in flats, but I’ve also realized — OH, SNAP! — that I actually LOVE wearing tennis shoes. My back, shoulders, feet and calves no longer ache as much as they did when I wore heels 24/7 (go figure!). Plus, there are so many cute styles and colors to choose from.

Which leads us here, to these 13 pairs of pink shoes from DSW…

1. Nike Court Royal Suede, $59.99

nike court royale suede
Major shoe lust!

My rational side keeps telling me that I’m cray for wanting a pale pink pair of suede Nikes, because I know they’ll be covered in dirt in less than a day, but I love how the shoe is monochromatic with the pale pink shoelaces and pale pink swoosh.

UGH! SOOOOO CUTE! Maybe if I coat the living heck out of them with a suede fabric protector spray? Or make them my “fancy occasion” tennies?

2. Nike Air Max Motion, $84.99

nike air max motion lw
These are a li’l sportier… I like the pattern on the fabric!

3. Michael Kors Allie Trainer, $99.99

micahel kors allie trainer
I bet the red pop on the heel would look cute with a matching red lipstick.

4. Dr. Scholl’s Madison in Rose Gold, $49.99

dr scholls madison rosegold
I like the muted shine on these rose gold goodies…

5. Aldo Zellina, $74.99

aldo zellina
This pair should hit the spot when you’re in the mood for metallic and bling.

6. Aldo Aroalla, $49.99

aldo aroalla
All pale pink everything!

7. Adidas Neo, $54.99

adidas neo vappnk
A pink suede twist on an old classic

8. Aldo MX in Blush, $79.99

aldo mx1 light pink
The cozy knit fabric of this shoe = relaxed and casual.

9. Dolce Vita XEXE, $59.99

dolce vita xexe oxford
Pink + glitter = yes, please

10. Converse Madison, $64.99

converse ctas madison ox dusk pink
Again with the pink suede! I think one can officially say that pink suede shoes are having a moment.

11. Sketchers Double Up Platform, $59.99

sketchers shiny dancer
Lookin’ for height? Sneak some in with these sparkly, shiny pink platforms.

12. Vans Asher, $49.99 and 13. Vans Ward, $54.99

vans sepia rose
Even MOAR pink

What do you think? See anything a like?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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