Brilliant rug ideas for your home

Having a nicely decorated house is something that all of us are dreaming off. However, constantly buying decorations and aesthetically pleasing objects can be quite draining (financially speaking), because let’s face it, all the pretty things are expensive especially rugs and mats. So, in this video, we wanted to help you create your own rugs and mats by repurposing items from your own home. We show you how to pick different color palettes for your rugs as well to make them match your apartment decor. Watch our whole video to get some ideas and inspiration on how you’d like to make your own with minimal effort.

How do you like the idea of walking on clouds? Well, this is what we show you in the first video. We are sharing with you a fun, unconventional way to make your own rug that looks like tiny pillows are merged together to walk on. You simply need a few round pieces of fabric and some cotton. You simply sew each round fabric perimetrically and then you stuff it on the inside. Then, you sew the top of it to keep the cotton contained in the fabric and you repeat the same process creating multiple round stuffed pillows using different colored fabrics and sizes. You finally stitch them all together and voila.

Fluffy carpets are extremely popular these days, especially because we all need one on the side of our beds. So we show you a perfect way to create a beautiful bon-bon fluffy carpet using wool knit. You’ll simply need 2-3 colors of your favorite wool knit and a wire mesh. You will create your fluffy little bonbons, by wrapping them around your hand and then tieing them together using another wool knit thread. Then you cute both sides of it to release it and make it a perfect round shape and voila. What’s left to do is simply tie them inside your wire mesh and there you have it.

Doormats are a necessity in everyone’s homes nowadays, especially because by owning one it keeps the house clean since you can wipe your shoes and also take them off when you are getting into your house or leaving. So, in this video, we show you how to create your own doormat using a rope. You simply rotate the rope in a circular motion and then you stick the inner edges gradually using hot glue on the inside. You can also create multiple ones for your indoor plant pots as well.

It is very difficult to find the perfect bathroom mats for when you get out of the bathroom. Most of the ones out in homeware stores are extremely thin and get soaked with water very easily. So, in this video, we found the perfect way for you to create your own thick bathroom mat by repurposing old bathroom towels. This one is perfect because you’ll be braiding different colored towels together and then you’ll be rotating them all around just as we did with the doormat.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our brilliant DIY mats and rugs that you can create yourself with minimal effort!

0:13 – DIY squishy rug
0:51 – Amazing fluffy rug
1:34 – DIY plant pot coaster
2:01 – DIY doormat
3:11 – DIY massage rug
4:03 – Genius bathroom rug
5:15 – Entrance wooden rug
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