Amazing cement and clay crafts

Hey guys, since it’s the summer time, why not get crafty and create your own decor for both your home and your jewelry? In this video, I show you how to use cement and clay to come up with your own unique decorations.
– You can fill an ice-cream cone with cement, let it dry and then use it in your vanity to organize your jewelry such as rings and bracelets.
– I show you how to make awesome office decoration using paper clips and cement in ice-cube cases. After the little cubes dry, you can use them to attach your pictures on them or important notes.
– You can carve some styrofoam and dip it in some cement. Then after it’s all dry, use it on your bookcase to keep your book in place.
– I also show you some repurposing hacks that you never thought of. For example, how to turn an old coffee mug into a cute plant pot using glass peddles and wall filler.
– If you are looking to get into mini sculptures, I show you how to use polymer clay for beginners. For example, I show you how to create cute roses that you can cook and use as hair accessories. Or how to create realistic-looking mini foods that you can attach on your bracelets.

1:12 – Awesome table lamb decorations
3:09 – How to make your own plant pot
4:54 – Beautiful clay ideas
5:45 – Miniature polymer clay ice-cream
6:11 – Miniature polymer clay cupcake
6:46 – Miniature polymer clay donut
7:13 – Miniature polymer clay corn
7:56 – How to create your own plant pot using polymer clay
9:25 – DIY marble plates
10:36 – Ways to go crazy with cement
12:37 – DIY lace candle holder
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