Brilliant girly lifehacks

Us girls always want to learn different ways to solve everyday problems we might encounter. So, in this video, we delivered some of the most amazing hacks to help you in any situation. We show you alternative ways to apply makeup, as well as some brilliant sewing and knitting tips that will make your life easier. In addition, we have some brilliant ways to help you deal with your period.

– If your makeup sponge is too dirty to use, don’t use, you can apply makeup using a kitchen sponge instead.

– If you are new to contouring you have no idea how to achieve the most accurate contouring technique, we show you how to do that using a fork as a guide. This way you’ll be able to both contour and highlight your face.

Of course, clothing and sewing hacks couldn’t be missing from this video, so we show you some cool clothing tricks you can try in any situation.
– If your jeans accidentally got ripped at work, you can temporarily fix them with stables. Simply take your jeans off, flip them inside out and then stable the ripped part together. Then, flip them again and voila.
– If your jean’s zipper keeps getting stuck, you can fix it by applying some chapstick on the zipper.

It comes without saying that being a lady requires some good manners, so in this video, we show you some brilliant Savoir Vivre tips that will help you be all lady like in every situation, we show you how to both act in interviews or at a restaurant to give the best first impressions. We show you, for example, the correct way to drink your beverage or eat pasta.

In addition to those we also show you some amazing tips when you get period. All girls face all different troubles when they are going through their PMS, so in this video, we wanted to help you with a number of hacks when you are going through one of those days.
– You can remove blood stains from your underwear by soaking them in water and then adding a few drops of peroxide on top. Peroxide will remove the stains instantly. Then wash your underwear as you normally would and voila.
– We also show you a brilliant hack to sew a new pocket on the front of your underwear so that you’ll always have an extra pad with you whenever you need one.
– If you have no hot water bottle around to place on your tummy, we show you how you can create one using a thick winter sock and rice. You simply fill the sock with rice and then you tie the top of it to prevent any rice from spilling. Then you place it in the microwave for 2 minutes and voila. You can put it on your tummy to relief the pain.

We also show you some amazing ways to use tampons in different situations.
– You can create your own candle-light using tampons. You simply fill a mason jar with oil. Then you pierce a tiny hole on the lid and place the tambon strap through. Then you dip the rest of the candle in the mason jar and light it.
– You can also tampon to remove nail polish if you have no cotton balls available.
– You can also use tampons as water filters when you go camping.

0:06 – Awesome makeup hacks
1:34 – How to fix your zipper
2:15 – Savoir Vivre
6:42 – How to organize your sewing tools
8:05 – Crafts glue hack
8:36 – Period hacks
9:38 – DIY hot water bottle
10:20 – Brilliant tampon hacks
10:56 – DIY water filter
11:51 – How to decorate your notebooks
12:50 – French manicure trick
14:12 – How to remove gum from clothes
14:29 – How to fix a broken nail
15:13 – DIY laptop bag

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