Amazing cooking ideas for a yummy dish

Cooking is such a huge part of our lives. Not just because we enjoy eating but also because of its one of our basic needs. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy preparing the food or you are on the opposite side of the table, in this video we prepared some brilliant cooking hacks that will improve your skills in the kitchen and help you with your delicious recipes.

If you are looking for a way to melt different colored chocolate chips all together really fast try out this little hack. Empty your chocolate chips into small mason jars and then seal them on top. Place them in a cooking pan and then add some water into the pan – bring to boil until they are melted and voila! You can use them to dip your marshmallows inside or dip your strawberries to make super easy delicious snacks really fast!

We also show you a delicious way to make your own thick omelet cake using eggs and carbonated water. You simply mix all your eggs using an electronic whish and then transfer them in your cooking an. Then, you add some carbonated water and season it with salt and pepper. Finally, add the lid on top of your cooking pan and let it cook. The carbonated water will make it rise even more and the taste will be stronger and delicious!

Everyone loves hot-chocolate, in fact, it is so much associated with winter and Christmas that our first thought when we think of the holidays is enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate. So, in this video, we show you how to cook your own hot-chocolate in your cooking pan. You simply add your favorite flavored chocolate chips and then add a few scoops of chocolate powder. After that, add some heavy cream, one teaspoon of vanilla and finally some milk. Stir the mixture together really well and then add the delicious marshmallows. Serve to your family and friends and let them enjoy the most delicious winter beverage.

We also show you a cool way to make cheese filled meatballs and it is super easy to make. You can serve it when you are having a party with your friends and family because it requires a minimal amount of ingredients. First, take some mozzarella cheese or cheddar, cut it in cubes and set it aside. Then take a mixing bowl, add two raw eggs, two packs of mince, season with salt and pepper and garnish with some parsley and garlic and then add some breadcrumbs. Mix them all together shape them into meatballs and add the pieces of cheese inside. After that, turn your cooker on and empty a pack of tomato juice inside, place your meatballs inside and let them cook for 20 – 30 minutes on low heat. Then, you can serve them with some rice and voila

Watch our whole video to discover all of our brilliant cooking hacks and recipes that you will absolutely love. They are super easy to create especially if you are a beginner and super delicious that will make everyone impressed with your cooking skills. You can get inspiration for your next recipes and also tweak a few of your current recipes around in order to improve their taste.

0:39 – Delicious omelet
1:48 – Tasty chicken recipe
3:31 – Delicious hot chocolate
4:13 – Easy meatball recipe
5:55 – Cinnamon spice beverage
7:02 – DIY cheesy sticks
10:55 – Delicious breakfast idea
12:24 – Waffle pastries
13:16 – Sausage rolls
15:03 – Waffle iron cake
17:06 – Meatball and potato bake
19:18 – Crepe baked lasagna
20:232 – How to decorate your pies
25:02 – Puff pastry recipe
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