Genius ways to upcycle your old clothes

Hey, do you have a lot of vintage clothes laying around that you’d like to give them a second chance to life? Then this video shows you exactly the way to go about and achieve that through some cool sewing hacks.
– I show you how to turn your old shorts into a cute crop-top you can wear on a night out.
– I show you how to repurpose an old turtle neck sweater into cute workout yoga pants and a fitted top on top.
– If you would like to go the exrta mile with your sewing tricks and create a whole outfit out of faux leather pants then I show you the way. You can repurpose them into a skirt, and then a backless shirt that you can wear on a night out.
– Don’t get rid of your boring shirts before you try some of our genius shirt decoration techniques using bleach. You can use stencils and then a bottle of bleach to create all sorts of designs.

0:07 – Clothing hacks that won’t cost you a penny
2:02 – Genius way to repurpose a skirt
5:02 – Helpful clothing hacks
7:44 – What to do when you handbag worn off
9:07 – Easy clothing ideas to rock your summer look
13:18 – Genius Ways to restore vintage clothes
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