​​​DIY beautiful Christmas cards

Creating your own cards to give to your favorite people is always the best way to show them what they really mean to you. Nothing can bit a well thought and crafted DIY Christmas card for your loved ones. So, in this video, we are sharing with you the best DIY Christmas cards you can create on a budget that will make your family members understand how special they are to you.

A button is an item which everyone has in the household, so why not re-use them to create a very minimalistic Christmas Card? In the first video, we show you how to make a pig and a reindeer using buttons as their noses.

If you love paper crafts, then this awesome DIY 3D Christmas card is just the perfect one. We demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial on how to turn a plain card paper into a Christmas tree that pops up once you open your Christmas Card. You can also decorate using pearl craft decoration to make it look more Christmassy.

You can create a very minimal but beautiful Christmas card using a wooden stick or a cinnamon stick and some ribbon. Firstly, you stick the cinnamon on your card vertically using hot glue. Then you place the ribbon on top and you twist it and swirl as you move downwards to create a tree. You then use glitter to add the Christmas star on top of the tree and the little bells and tree decorations.

If you are on a very low budget but you still want to give a lovely thoughtful Christmas card, we have the solution for you. You can create a very minimalistic and geometrical tree and then to decorate it you can use Coke bottle wraps, or Fanta wraps or even sprite wraps. (This depends on what the receiver of the card favors the most). In addition, you can create a perfect origami Christmas tree by cutting horizontal stripes in the paper and then having them face in opposite directions.

If you are also looking for a very simple yet beautiful Christmas card that will take you very little time, here is what you need to do. Take some PVA glue and using a paint brush paint a tree on your paper, then pour gold or silver glitter on top to give it a very modern abstract feel.

Watch out the whole video to discover amazing DIY Christmas that features Rudolf, a DIY snowman, a Starbucks cup and gloves using real=life wool knit.
0:51 – 3D Christmas Tree
1:46 – Minimal Cinnamon and Ribbon tree
2:36 – Snowman Christmas Card
3:02 – Cool gloves card
7:31 – Washi tape card ideas
9:00 – Bubble gum Christmas card
10:11 – Cupcake shaped birthday card
11:04 – Flying butterfly card
13:48 – Cute hands and heart card
15:49 – Real Chocolate Christmas card
16:33 – Thread your own card with jewelry bids
18:10 – Peanut Rudolf
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