Genius decoration ideas to blow your mind
If you are looking for a fun and crafty way to decorate your apartment, then you’ve come to the right place, because in this video that is exactly what I am showing you.
– I show you how to create your own sparkly plant pots using glitter and PVA glue.
– If you have a toy snake laying around. I show you how to turn it into a fashionable bowl for your jewelry or your keys. You can then spray paint it gold or rose gold to match your apartment décor.
– I also show you how to create an awesome modern looking bowl in the shape of your palm using modeling paste.
– To up your plant game and give your succulents a cozy home I show you how to turn your wooden clothing pins into beautiful plant pots.
– I also show you how to create your own little aquarium using a large mason jar and a few fish tank decorations.
0:07 – DIY glittery plant pots
0:48 – Amazing DIY bowls
4:32 – Brilliant wall decorations
5:12 – Fun DIY plant pot ideas
8:35 – Jar decoration ideas
12:30 – Smart wall paint ideas
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