Brilliant activities you can do in your free time

Spending time with family and doing fun activities should be on everyone’s top priority list. Instead, what we do most of the time is spending all of our time on our phones scrolling through social media. So, in this video, we wanted to show you how you can take a break from all your electronic devices and enjoy your time with your family and friends through fun, unconventional activities that you can do. We show you how to create your own musical instruments using food so that you and your siblings can start a band. We also show you how to create fun costume accessories for any cosplay and turn yourself into a Disney Princess. For those of you who love art stay tuned until the end to see some doodle ideas, you can do in your free time.

In this first video, we show you how to create your own musical instrument and to be more specific, we show you how to create your own flute. You simply pierce a hole through the middle of a carrot and then you cut a small triangle shape a few inches from the head. Then you pierce a few more whole using a drill and finally, using a baby carrot you place it inside the central hole to allow just a tiny bit of space in order to help generate the sound.

For those of you who like folk and native music in general, we show you how to create your own pair of maracas. This hack is great if you’d like to also pick up a hobby and you are looking for an affordable way to create your own in order to see what you like best. For this trick, you’ll only need a pair of plastic Easter egg containers, some dry beans, and some rice. Then, you’ll add the rise in one of the plastic eggs and the beans in the other. In order to hold them in place, you’ll need 4 plastic spoons and you’ll have to tie them together using some tape. Watch our video tutorial and enjoy!

If you love the Costume of Maleficent, before spending your money on the accessories of the costume such as the horns, try this hack instead. Take a regular headband and wrap some craft wire around on where the horns are supposed to be. Then take a couple of paper cups and place them through the wires in order to create the archetypal shape of the horns. This is where the magic happens, after that, take some kitchen foil and wrap it all around as horns as tight as you can. You can also layer it if you feel like it. Finally, take some black tape and wrap it all around the horns and voila. Your maleficent cosplay costume is complete.

Watch our whole video to discover all of the brilliant activities we have for you and your loved ones. We show you how to create the magical rose from the beauty and the beast and how to create Elsa’s crown from Frozen.

0:07 – DIY flute
1:25 – Brilliant DIY bagpipes
2:52 – How to create your own mini drum set
4:04 – Maleficent cosplay
5:37 – Frozen glittery crown
7:20 – Amazing drawing with kids
8:53 – Cute face doodles for kids
11:07 – Cute phone doodles
11:15 – Animal doodles
12:46 – Number doodle ideas
13:34 – One number animals
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