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One of the most common things we give to our loved ones on special occasions is cards. The gesture itself alone indicates how much we care in order to take time out of our day to write down what we truly wish for our favorite people how they make us feel. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing DIY cards you can make for your loved ones in order to show them what they really mean to you. Giving them custom made card says “I love you” more than any store-bought card out there, and in this video, you can learn how to create multiple ones simply by following our tutorials.

Even though Valentine’s day just passed, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a card for your other half in order to show them how much you love them. Love should be celebrated all year around. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you a beautiful 3d love card which when your loved one opens the heart on the inside will be rotating. You’ll simply need some card paper for the inside to crop it in such a way that it will create a stand/pole for your heart. Then, you’ll need a piece of string to attach to the pole in order to help the heart’s rotation and finally a heart cut-out. Then, you’ll need another piece of card paper to decorate on the outside however you like and voila!

Our moms are our role models, they are the reason we flourished to the people we are today and giving our moms DIY custom made cards are the best gift. They’ll appreciate it more than the most expensive present we can give them. So, we found a perfect way to help you represent your love for your mom through a 3D card with a waterlily flower inside. It is very simple to make as it does not require excess material just some colored card paper and regular printed paper for the waterlily! You’ll simply need to color the top of the waterlily leaves with pink colored pencils and then stick them together in order to make them 3D when the card opens. Follow our tutorial to create the best mother’s day card!

Another brilliant card we have is the sliding hearts card with a lovely message at the end. This one appears slightly more complicated but it’s very simple to create. You only need some colored card paper, to begin with the card and then you’ll need some different colored paper to cut heart-shaped cutouts for the rolling part. You can use rainbow colors just as we did in the video. After you’ve done the heart cut-outs! Take a long stripe of card paper and measure 1cm for each card. Then fold the stripe just as we demonstrate in the video and stick the hearts on it using crafts glue. Finally, fold the top of the striped stick it on the card and write your message underneath. When the card opens and you pull the stripe the message will appear!

Watch our whole video to find out all of our magnificent card tutorial that you can make for anyone! We show you how to create 3D letters, how to create a 3D pixelated heart and many more. You can give these cards to your parents, friends, loved ones and all family members!

1:11 – Beautiful pixelated heart
3:10 – 3D Butterfly card
4:22 – Amazing disappearing flowers card
6:19 – Mother’s day card tutorial
8:03 – Beautiful “I love you” card
8:55 – Blowing bubbles card
9:28 – Get well soon card
10:59 – Flying butterfly card
13:01 – Unique Tulip card
17:06 – Celebration cards with candles
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