Amazing girly hacks that you have yet to discover

Styling is not an easy task. Sometimes having the appropriate clothes that much the occasion, while also matching with each other can be impossible. And, let’s face it, going out of your way to buy new outfits for different events is expensive. So, I have some cool ideas for you to upcycle and repurpose your old clothes into new outfits for any occasion. Also, instead of trying to buy new clothes, you can try several thrift stores that have many designer clothes cheaper and you can transform them to fit the current fashion trends.

For those of you who love makeup. I have some brilliant beauty tips as well. For example, you can try some tricks to make your makeup go evenly and look flawless. You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to do that. Just follow my tips. For the times you don’t always have all of your makeup products with you, I show you some natural recipes to create your own out of scratch using different ingredients.

But, let’s not forget a consistent skincare routine you need. We tend to spend a ton of money to have smooth glowy skin without any undereye circles or dry patches. But sometimes these remedies to fix all your skin problems can also be solved with items you already have in your kitchen cupboard. So, follow my tutorial and see how you can create your own skincare products that your skin with thank you for.

For those times that you have a party and you invite all of your friends over. You can try some of my tricks to help you decorate your home with different themes. If you are a new chef and you need some ideas, I show you some easy ways to cook regular foods and simple recipes that will turn the most basic foods into delicious masterpieces.

0:07 – How to fold a napkin into a rose
2:11 – Hot to use a curling iron to decorate table-clothes
3:45 – How to use dental floss for an awesome decoration
4:10 – Elegant ways to fold tablecloths
6:58 – Brilliant gender napkins for your guests
9:13 – The bunny napkin
11:17 – The floral bouquet technique
12:28 – Turn paper towels into men’s ties
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