​Amazing DIY crafts and gifts

Nothing says I love you more than a well thought and DIY crafted gift to your loved one. Even though creating something for your best friends might be time-consuming and the result might not be the one you’d expect it but the gesture itself has so much meaning and power over a relationship. So, in this video we are sharing with you some brilliant DUY hacks where we show you how to create your own DIY gifts that you can give to your loved ones to show them how much you love them and how much you care!

In the first video section, we show you some cool lollipop hacks that you can create using the container of your favorite lollipops. We show you how you can turn it into a beautiful pencil case by doing minor adjustments to it in order to make it steady, You simply add some clear tape on top of the outer container and then you cut it into a square shape. Then you cut two pieces of fabric on the inside to turn it in a pencil case and lastly, you sew them all together using a zipper. Follow our step-by-step sewing tutorial on how to turn it an amazing pencil case or a makeup bag.

If you are new to cake decorations and creating beautiful looking cakes that are equally as tasty we show you a cool way to turn a regular sponge cake into a beautiful rose shaped one using slices of pear and some candy. You simply mash/grind all the hard candy together until they become powdery. Then you slice the pears as thinly as possible and you place them in your over tray while sprinkling the hard candy on top. Finally, let them sit in the oven until the fruit absorbs the candy and melts them and voila. Take them out of the oven and start decorating your cake with it just as we show you in the video tutorial!

In this video, we also show you how to create beautiful bohemian style earrings just by using paper clips. You simply unfold the paperclip and then fold it back again into a triangle shape. Then wrap a piece of embroidery thread around it until you cover it completely. Finally, using the same thready bring it from one side to the other in order to connect them just as we demonstrate in the video and voila. We also show you how to create color-changing jewelry that you can wear anywhere!

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing DIY hacks that you’ll absolutely fall in love with. We show you how to create paper crafts to decorate your apartment for a party. We also show you different ways to tie your own DIY jewelry that will keep them nice and secure on your neck as well as give your overall look some style!

0:13 – Lollipop hacks
1:26 – Smart hack for your lollipop
1:48 – Cake decoration ideas
2:29 – Giant lollipop present
3:59 – Lollipop recipe
5:03 – Flower lollipops
6:04 – Amazing jewelry ideas
6:10 – DIY mood pendant
6:28 – Bohemian earrings
7:53 – Waterlilly origami crafts
9:24 – Ferrero Rocher bouquet
11:00 – Jewelry design hacks
13:32 – Cute miniature camera
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