​Cleaning hacks to blow your mind

All of us love a clean and tidy home, but what we don’t really love is spending our whole day going around all of our house tidying things up and up cleaning from one corner to the other. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing cleaning hacks that will blow your mind and they will make you want to start cleaning again. We show you some cool ways to make your cleaning products using all natural ingredients as well as some hacks that you probably haven’t seen before.

In the first video section, we show you how to make your own anti-bacterial wipes using ingredients from your own home and some paper towels. The only thing you’ll need for this hack is a round container to mix all your ingredients together and some paper towels. Simply cut a paper-towel roll in half and set it aside. Then, in the round container, add one cup of lemon juice, one cup of vinegar, one cup of water, a few drops of alcohol, one teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of soap. Mix all the ingredients together really well and put your half paper towels inside and let them soak. Remove the paper roll from the inside just as we demonstrate in the video and voila!

Wooden floors require a lot of care and caution. If a scratch appears it is so visible that it’s hard to miss. So, in this video, we show you a cool DIY method to get rid of scratches on your wooden floor and also treat them to prevent them in the future. In a mixing bowl add some lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil. Then transfer them in a shampoo container and add some of the liquid on a cotton pad. Rub your scratched wooden floor with it and see results right away!

If you notice that your bathroom has a horrendous smell and you’d like to get rid of it but you don’t have any scented spray. Try out our little hack. Fill a glass bottle with vodka (leave 1/4 of the bottle empty) then, add a few drops of essential oil, a cup of water and finally some peppermint leaves. Seal the bottle with a spray pump and you are ready to go!

Watch our whole video to discover all of our brilliant cleaning hacks that will make your home shine. Watch until the end to discover our very own recipe that helps you clean the carpet in minutes and many more.

0:14 – DIY anti-bacterial wipes
1:14 – Get rid of bad smells
2:00 – DIY carpet cleaner
2:43 – How to clean bathroom tiles
3:35 – How to remove Crayola from your walls
4:32 – Get rid of animal fur from your furniture
5:54 – Sweeping hack
7:52 – Sanitize wooden chopping board
8:31 – Remove limescale from your kettle
9:32 – How to clean your oven
11:26 – DIY fabric cleaner
12:52 – Cleaning with socks trick
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