Satisfying videos to activate your zen mode

What is the most satisfying thing you can think of? Crushing sand? What about ASMR slime sounds? Well, in this video, I show you some amazing and satisfying videos that you’ll fall in love with and probably want to try out.
– I show you home many awesome patterns you can create using a spirograph ruler. You can also combine different colored markers to give them more dimension and decorate your bullet journal or sketchbook.
– For those of you looking for some relaxation, I show you some things that will truly put you to sleep. For example, someone stepping on ice and the cracking sounds the ice makes when it’s breaking. Or, cutting jello with a sharp knife. But let’s not forget the satisfying feeling you get when you shuffle through your color-coordinated colored pencils.
– One of the most satisfying things out there, on social media is cutting sand using a sharp knife or pressing on it. It gives you the freedom to form it and shape it in whatever way you want and it cuts perfectly.
– Ok art lovers, if you are looking to create awesome colorful masterpieces that resemble the expressionistic works of Hirst, I show you a quick and easy way to do it using a dustpan and some emulsion paint.
– For those of you who prefer watercolors, I show you an awesome trick you can use to create the rainbow using drops of water and gradient watercolor paints.

0:07 – Beautiful spirograph patterns
1:50 – Oddly satisfying things to help you relax
3:02 – Awesome kinetic sand clips
3:47 – Pouring art technique using a dustpan
4:27 – Hot knife vs hair comp
5:09 – Watercolor rainbow drops
6:17 – Satisfying art
8:46 – Amazing 3D illusion art
10:03 – Amazing art techniques nobody taught you before
11:35 – How to draw lips
13:33 – Cool painting tutorials
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