Brilliant Coca-Cola hacks to blow your mind

Most of the houses all around the world have at least 2 or 3 coca colas in their fridge. It is one of those things that are almost mandatory to have around in order to feel like the house is completely and there is nothing missing even if that one little thing is a can of carbonated drink. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some brilliant coca cola hacks you didn’t know actually worked.

– You can use coca cola to remove a persistent rusted screw from your wooden board.
– You can use a coca cola bottle to create your own egg separator where you can separate your yolks from your egg whites.
– You can use it to clean your eyeglasses when they have a lot of bu8ild up on the lenses
– Add some super glue all around your glass coca cola bottles in order to prevent them from breaking while traveling.
– You can create awesome candle holders using coca cola and a pin in order to pierce it in such a way that the fire creates awesome shapes.
– If you are an artist, and you are looking for new and creative ways to pain, we show you how to use the bottom of a coca-cola bottle to paint beautiful flower stamps.
– You can also try fun experiments with coca cola and activated carbon in order to see what happens when you leave it like that for 4 days.
– In addition to those, we show you how you can use coca cola to remove burned food from your frying pan and make it look like brand new again.
– We also show you how to create delicious steak recipes using coca-cola. You simply add some chopped onions in a bowl, then you add your raw steak and then season it with salt and pepper. After that, you just fill the bowl with coca cola and then you cook it on the grill.
– In addition to those, you can also use coca cola as a degreaser for your stove and stove filter, Simply remove your stove filter, add it in some coca cola and then scrape the dirt off. Finally, rinse it and you’ll see that is shiny as new.
– Another use we have for coca cola is that you can use it as a tile cleaner for both your kitchen and your bathroom.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our brilliant and amazing coca cola hacks. Don’t forget to like the video and let us know in the comments what you think of these hacks.

0:06 – Coca-Cola hacks that actually work
0:31 – DIY egg separator
2:07 – Cute candlelight using a coca-cola can
2:40 – Brilliant uses for coca-cola
3:18 – Cool science experiment
4:01 – Tasty steak recipe
4:44 – How to clean wall tiles
5:31 – Awesome kitchen recipe
6:28 – How to clean your bathroom
8:53 – Shocking coca cola hacks
9:37 – Cool insect trap using coca cola
10:02 – How to get rid of rust
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