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In this video compilation, we are sharing with you some simple tricks you can try that can improve your look and make you look gorgeous. We show you some amazing clothing hacks that you can try to get the best out of your outfit. You can try the tricks to demonstrate to make your high heels anti-slippery or prevent your high-thigh boots from slipping off your feet. We also offer some outfit ideas that you can wear both at work or at school whether you are going for a serious meeting or out for coffee.

If you’ve just bought new high heeled shoes that might be slippery you can spray some hair spray on the soles to make them anti-slippery!

High-thigh boots came back to fashion and we are all trying to dig them out of our closets in order to match them with our outfits. If your boots, however, keep sliding off your feet, you can add some double sided on the inside just as we demonstrate in the video to keep them in place.

If you’ve ever been in that embarrassing situation where your armpits smell, you can remove the bad odor using vodka. Simply add some vodka on a paper towel and then tap your armpits. Vodka will absorb the smell.

You can turn your overly long skirt into a beautiful maxi dress and then add a cute belt around your waist. This way you can wear the skirt as a dress in spring or during the summer instead of keeping it in your closet because it seems too long for you

Is there a tear in your black tights and you feel like you can’t wear them anymore? Don’t throw them away, we show you a brilliant clothing hack where you can turn your leggings into a cute, well-fitted crop top. Watch our video demonstration and give it a try!

In addition, we show you how to turn a pair of boring white tights into colorful tights using fabric dye. You can add any color combinations you like to match them your jean shirt or your shirt. We also demonstrate different designs you can create.

Watch our whole video to discover many more clothing hacks that will inspire you to upgrade your style without spending any money!
0:34 – High thigh boots hack
1:56 – Stinky armpits trick
2:47 – DIY crop-top
3:52 – Colorful tights
5:08 – How to stretch your jeans
6:00 – Overlock stitch tutorial
6:47 – Cool outfit ideas
10:03 – Ways to wear a scarf
12:42 – How to dry wet shoes

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