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It is always very refreshing when you are able to go around the house, do some handy works and also start to create your own products. Whether these products are for personal use or whether they are for decoration, the feeling of satisfaction you feel at the end of the day is beyond description. Sometimes you want to create your own beauty products to give as a gift to the people you love. Some other times you want to come up with your own inventions and lifehacks that will make your life easier. Whatever the case may be; in this video, we have everything you are looking for.

– Make your own soaps:
If you are a fan of homemade, all-natural beauty products, why not try and make your skincare products. In the first video clips, we share with you different ways to make your own soaps using soap base. Here are some ways to try them out:
– Melt some clear soap based cubes in the microwave. Then, pour them into a silicone tray mold and then add different drops of food coloring on top. Then, top up the rest of the silicone mold with some more clear soap base, let them dry and voila. The food coloring will create beautiful abstract shapes in your clear soap it will resemble the galaxy.
– In addition, we are sharing with you a beautiful way to make a rose transparent soap that will blow your mind. We show you that you can have the soap into a sphere or place it into a heart and cover it with clear soap base. Watch our whole video demonstration to see the step-by-step tutorial.
– Another trick your can try is to make your own crystal soap bars by trying out this technique. Firstly cut a colored bar of soap into different shapes and place it into a plastic disposable cup. Then, fill the cup with clear melted soap base and let it dry. After that, remove the cup and take your soap out and then cut it unevenly as if it is a piece of crystal. Follow our video tutorial for the full demonstration.

– How to clean the inside of your bottle:
Cleaning your plastic or glass water bottle can be quite difficult, especially since it is very difficult to find the right gadgets for this job. So, in this video, we found the perfect way to help you do it. In this video demonstration, we show you how to clean your water bottle using magnets. You will need two identical sponges to do this. Slice them from the middle and place two magnets inside. Then, seal them using hot glue and voila. Place the one sponge on the inside of the water bottle and the other sponge on the outside of the water bottle. You’ll be able to clean it much more easily this way.

– How to clean your clothing iron:
If you notice some buildup on your clothing iron, do not panic. Here is how to clean it. Turn your clothing iron on, and then iron a surface filled with soap. Then, clean it using a paper towel and voila.

Watch out whole video demonstration to discover many more brilliant household tips and tricks!
0:46 – Beautiful DIY rose soap
1:59 – Beehives soap
2:38 – Loofah soap
3:00 – Sponge hacks
3:27 – How to clean your water bottle
4:27 – Blind cleaner
5:54 – Crystal soaps
8:00 – How to clean your clothing iron
9:10 – Baby powder hacks
10:45 – Remove stains from a mattress
11:29 – How to clean the sink

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