Amazing ways to save time – Genius everyday hacks

All of us are looking for ways to save even 5 minutes when we can since we live in such a busy world time-consuming chores are something that we cannot tolerate these days. So in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing hacks that will both save your time and effort. We are sharing with you some of our best kitchen hacks as well as handy work hacks that will blow your mind. Watch our whole video to discover many ways to use rubber bands as well as beauty and everyday uses for lip balm.

Rubberband hacks:
– You can use rubber bands to prevent your photograph from slipping inside the picture frame.
– You can use rubber bands in order to create a car smartphone holder when you need directions.
– You can use rubber bands around your tea mug in order to prevent your tea bag from falling into your tea.
– If you are in a situation where you have the wrong screwdriver or the head of the screw has been worn off and you would like to unscrew it. Use a rubber band to create some friction and unscrew with the screwdriver you have available.
– You can use rubber bands around your container in order to create different compartments for your everyday objects. For example, we show you how to use rubber bands to create your own toothbrush holder, and we show you a way to make your own lipstick storage case for your vanity using rubber bands and a plastic container.
– If you are in a situation where you have no tongs when you are cooking – take two kitchen forks and tie a rubber band around their teeth. Then flip them upside down and use the opposite side as tongs.
– You can also use rubber bands to prevent both your sunglasses or eyeglasses from sliding on your face.
– If you are at school and in desperate need for an eraser – you can erase your pencil strokes using a rubber band.

Lip-balm hacks:
Lip balms came into our lives in the form of makeup and lip-care but they also have many different uses as well.
– You can apply lip-balm on your feet to prevent any blisters when you are wearing heels
– If you have a zipper that keeps getting stuck, you can use lip-balm as grease to help it slide more easily.
– In, addition lip-balm is a great scent retainer so you can apply it on your wrists right after you sprayed your perfume to help the scent last all day long.
– If you are struggling to persistent rings on your fingers – apply some lip balm to remove them.

We also have some great ideas and crafts for your tableware as well where you can both fix them and decorate them to give them another look.

– We show you a great way to decorate your walls using old plates with emulsion paint. Simply fill a measuring jug with the colors of your choice and layer them just as we do in the video, then, place a kitchen sink filter in the middle of your plate and pour the paint from the measuring jug on top. After that, remove the kitchen filter and rotate to distribute the paint all over the plates’ surface. Finally, hang them on your walls and voila. You just created a beautiful wall decoration by re-purposing your old plates.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant kitchen hacks and alternatives that will both amaze you and save you time. We show you an awesome way to light candles, or how to open a bottle with your makeup tools.
0:38 – DIY smartphone holder for your car
1:07 – How to unscrew a worn-off screw
1:25 – Measuring spoon hack
2:04 – DIY toothbrush container
2:29 – Keep your apples fresh with rubber bands
2:47 – DIY tongs
3:51 – DIY bookmark
5:01 – How to relieve irritation around your nose
6:06 – DIY coat hanger using forks
7:16 – Beautiful bubble mugs
8:40 – Ribbon Trick
9:00 – Bottle opener hack

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