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Brilliant DIY crafts

If there is one thing that associates balloons to one occasion, it’s parties. And, we all love parties that’s for sure. So, in this video compilation, we wanted to share with you some amazing DIY hacks that you can do using balloons and turn your party into the most amazing celebration. We show you how to create beautiful designs using balloons such as roses, butterflies and even heart decorations for your wall. For those of you who love creating their own crafts and spending time doing some art, we show you how to create beautiful rose shaped jewelry and ideas on how you can re-purpose old items and turn them into something you can actually use.

If you are hosting a party and you are looking for an interesting way to present your table, we show you how to do that with your napkins. Instead of having your napkins just sitting there next to the plates. We show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to create beautiful rose shaped flower napkin decoration for your plates just by using a drinking glass. You can do this by layering the napkins on top of each other inside the glass. If you would like you can also use different colored napkins for your table so that you can create a rainbow-colored rose.

Ribbons are something that can’t be missing from a house, sometimes we have them in our sewing kits and some other times we get them with our presents. So, we found some brilliant ways for you to re-purpose ribbons and create beautiful crafts with them. We show you how to create a beautiful floret for your hair that you can wear in special occasions with your formal outfits. In addition, we have a super easy tutorial for you on how to create a beautiful gradient rose bouquet that you can use as a decoration for your house, or you can gift it to someone you love on valentines day.

If you love creating your own jewelry we show you beautiful ways to create your own by repurposing plastic bottles. We show you how to create beautiful colored roses by cutting the bottle in little circles and then melting it using fire from a candle. Then you layer the pieces together just as we demonstrate in the video and there you have it. You can turn these jewels into rings and you can also create amazing earrings with minimal effort.

Watch our whole video to discover all the brilliant crafts we show you that you’ll fall in love with. We show you how to create a makeup brush cleaner which will make cleaning a lot less time consuming. In addition we show you different hacks for your rings in order to make them fit you better without having re-size them professionally.

0:01 – Cool balloon roses
0:30 – Cute balloon apples
1:11 – Daisy balloon tutorial
1:32 – Amazing balloon octopus
1:52 – Cute balloon teddy bear
3:12 – Brilliant balloon sword
4:42 – Rose napkin folding
5:43 – Brilliant ribbons roses
7:39 – DIY jewelry designs
8:47 – Glue gun hacks for girls
9:28 – DIY earring back
10:25 – Anti-slippery hangers
11:11 – Newspaper nail design
12:01 – DIY Gift bag
13:29 – Mosaic decorations
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