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Our house if the coziest place we know. Not just because of the way it makes us feel, but also because of how we managed to build memories inside that house. It is all about the objects that surround us that we find it hard to get rid off. So, in this video, we wanted to help you and give you some ideas on how to repurpose your favorite items into something new. In addition, we show you some brilliant household hacks you should try right away. The only thing you’ll need to do is follow our step-by-step tutorials.

Do you have a lot of mason jars laying around, and no use for them? We show you some brilliant ideas on how to repurpose them into completely new items in your kitchen.
– You can turn a Nutella jar into a handsoap holder and make your own handsoap at the same time. Simply add some soap cubes in the jar and then fill it with water. After that attach the pump on top and voila.
– You can also make your own delicious tea and turn them into transparent mugs. This one is perfect if you are looking for a way to make some autumn tea with oranges and cinnamon. You’ll simply need to add the ingredients and fill it with warm water.
– You can also turn old used jars into candle holders by decorating them with some crafts paint masking tape. You can create fun patterns just as we show you in the video.

We also show you some brilliant ways to decorate the bathroom and floor tiles. These hacks are perfect because you can tape some tiles you already have in your own home and decorate them with using stencils. This way you can turn them into decorations inside your house, or you can place them outside your entrance for your guest to leave their shoes.

We also show you a brilliant way to re-purpose old bathroom tiles and turn them into beautiful coasters you can use on your coffee table. You can create the design you like and also different patterns as well as colors. We also show you a cool way to transfer a photo on one of those tiles so that you can add many different pictures on them as well.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant household hacks that you will absolutely fall in love with. We also share with you some organizing tips for your handy work tools. In addition, we show you some knitting ideas if you feel more crafty and you are looking for ways to experiment.

0:12 – How to repurpose jars
1:24 – Ceramic tiles decoration
2:24 – DIY coffee table coasters
3:45 – Mug wall decoration
6:16 – How to organize your tools
8:18 – How to unclog your toilet
9:58 – Tennis ball hack
11:20 – Office organizer
13:37 – How to remove wax stains
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