Simple life-hacks for your bathroom:

1. How to stop your mirror from fogging:
Don’t you just hate when your mirrors become foggy right after your shower? Well, we know how you can stop it with this little trick. Apply some shaving foam on a cleaning cloth and wipe your mirror with it. The foam leaves a specific chemical residue to the mirror that prevents it from fogging.

2. Fantastic hack on you to use your phone in the bathroom:
If you have a slight addiction to your phone and sometimes you need to have it with you in the shower then this trick is for you. You don’t need to go out of your way to buy a waterproof phone case. The only thing you need to do is to take your shower-curtain and using superglue stick a piece of plastic film on the inside of the curtain but the let the top open so that you can use it as a phone case while showering. You can take your phone out, when you finish your shower, answer some important calls or even watch a movie without even having to hold it.

3. How to descale your products naturally at home:
Do you keep your hair iron in the bathroom and they have some scale build-up? You can descale it by turning your flat iron on for a minute, then, mix a bowl some baking soda and rubbing alcohol. Stir those two together until it becomes a paste and using a toothbrush start descaling your flat iron. You will see that it will start looking brand new.

4. In addition to those we have some DIY Rug Ideas for your bathroom:
You can make an extra soft and squishy rug by cutting a round piece of fabric, then, you can put some cotton in the middle and saw it together. Do this in different sizes and then sew them all together and there you have it. Pick different colours to make it extra colorful.

5. Do you have a clogged toilet? Here is how you can unclog your toilet
Take some cling-film and cover your toilet bowl. Add several layers of it to make sure that the air is all trapped inside. Flush your toilet and when the cling film creates a huge air bubble, push it down.

6. Did your walls get dirty and you don’t know how to clean them without water?
We have this little trick on how to clean your walls using a tennis ball. Just take your tennis ball and rub it on the dirty wall until all the dirt is removed.

7. How to unclog a sink.
The only thing you need for this one is some baking soda, vinegar and boiling hot water. Pour the soda in the sink, then, pour a glass of vinegar on top and finally boiling hot water.

8. How to make cute teddy bears using towels:
If you are a fan of cute towel decoration with animals you’ll love this one. In this tutorial, we show you how to make anything you can imagine. Monkeys, rabbits, elephants, seahorses, even roses.

9. If you are also looking for ways to make your bathroom more practical. You can try some of these tips:
– You can use a wooden ladder as a bathroom shelving unit
– You can re-use your gardening pots as containers for your products.
– Use hanging clips in your shower for your shampoo, conditioner, and loofah.

10. Another trick we have is how to make a toothbrush fountain:
You can use it to rinse your teeth while brushing them by gluing a straw in the middle of your toothbrush.

11. If you would like a way to polish your bathroom faucet in the bathroom try this hack:
Apply some toothbrush on a cleaning sponge and start scrubbing your bathroom, then rinse it all with water and see how shiny it gets.

12. How to clean your bathtub with when you don’t have any cleaning products:
Half fill a spray bottle with washing up liquid and vinegar. Then, shake well and start spraying your bathroom,
Let it sit there for a couple of minutes, and finally using a sponge, start scrubbing.

1:58 – How to clean your hair-brush
3:47 – How to unclog your toilet
5:00 – DIY sweeping slippers
5:58 – Awesome Teddy Bear towel folding
9:23 – Bathroom Organisation Ideas
11:34 – Razor Hacks
12:17 – How to fold bathroom towels
13:32 – DIY toothbrush holder
14:19 – How to make your own bath bomb.

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