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Eating is one of our basic needs and cooking is the method to satisfy our need for hunger. As the world developed more and more, cooking became a form of art and now people enjoy it a lot more than they did years ago because they get to experiment with new dishes, recipes and potentially feed their loved ones. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing hacks that you’ll absolutely fall in love and will make your time in the kitchen your favorite time of all. Watch our whole video to discover all of our brilliant cooking tips.

Having food spoiled in our fridge is something that we’ve encountered and it is not really pleasant at all. Sometimes we have our veggies going out of date sooner than their expiration date and sometimes our bread and milk. So, if you’ve been any this situation you know how hard it is to follow a recipe especially when all the ingredients you have to use are spoiled. But there is no need to worry because we’ve found the perfect hacks for you! We show you how to prevent any food from getting spoiled or expiring early simply by following a few steps!
– To prevent bread from developing mold, add a stick of celery inside the bag
– To prevent milk from going bad, add a pinch of salt inside the milk bottle
– To prevent strawberries from going bad, simply rinse them in a bowl filled with vinegar!
– To keep your cookies fresh and soft, add a loaf of bread in your cookie jar!

Cutting veggies for a recipe or a salad is one of the most time-consuming things when it comes to cookies. In fact, it takes us longer to cut a salad rather than cook a simple dish. So, in this video, we also share with you some amazing vegetable cutting hacks that will save you a ton of time and help you focus more on your cooking rather than on cutting. We show you a super fast way to cut bell peppers and even how to peel shrimps.

In order to prevent milk spillage when making yourself a bowl of cereal. Instead of pouring your milk straight into the bowl, try turning your spoon upside down and then pour the milk on the back of the spoon.

Watch our whole video to find out all the cooking secrets we offer and follow our step-by-step tutorials!

0:06 – How to prevent milk from spoiling
0:53 – How to keep strawberries fresh
1:39 – How to keep bread fresh
3:13 – How to cut bell peppers
3:26 – How to peel shrimps
4:35 – How to remove cherry seeds
5:24 – How to vacuum seal a plastic bag
5:58 – How to cut bread
6:49 – Ice Lolli hack
8:03 – Brilliant square orange
10:00 – How to peel corn
11:14 – How to peel kiwi
12:06 – How to cut an avocado
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