​​Brilliant problem-solving hacks

We all come across various problems in our everyday life, sometimes they are unexpected surprises, for example, a persistent stain on our favorite shirt, or other times we need to iron our clothes and our clothing iron decides to break. So, in this video, we are sharing with the life-saving hacks that will help you get rid of any problems you come across! We also show you some amazing household hacks as well as some clothing hacks that will help you fix your clothes.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your clothing iron broke and you were desperate to iron your shirts for work, then look no further than this video. Take a clean cooking pan and boil some water in it. Then lay your shirt on a flat surface and run the cooking pan on top as you’d do with your flat iron and voila!

If you’ve accidentally got a nasty ink stain on your plain white shirt and it seems impossible to get rid; before you through your shirt out try out this little hack. Dip your shirt in some milk and let it sit there for a couple of minutes. After that, wash your shirt as usual and the stain will be completely removed!

We’ve all learned on how to do the laundry from our mistakes. If you’ve accidentally let a colored piece of clothing get into your laundry when you were washing your white clothes; and all your clothes are now a bright pink color. Don’t panic because you can get rid of these stains using peroxide! Simply add some peroxide in a plastic container and soak all your stained clothes. Then remove them and wash them as usual.

If you’ve accidentally spilled some bleach on a black piece of clothing and your worried that you’ll have to toss it out, try out this little trick. Simply take a black sharpie and color the bleach stains on top. This will give your black shirt a second chance to lfve and you won’t have to get rid of it!

Watch our whole video to discover all of the amazing hacks that we have for you that will help you solve all of our problems. We show you some hacks you can try with magnets and paper clips to keep all of your tools organized and, we also have some gardening tricks for your houseplants!

0:27 – Get rid of ink stains
1:34 – How to fix your white clothes
3:20 – Ways to open a bottle
3:31 – Brilliant way to blow dry your hair
5:36 – Brilliant air-sealed bag
6:34 – How to fix broken glasses
8:13 – How to fix a stuck zipper
8:53 – Household hacks with magnets
10:26 – DIY plant pots
12:07 – How to polish an old painting
13:12 – How to remove a splinter
14:41 – Toothache treatment
15:45 – How to get over a migraine
17:02 – Cool anti-sweating hack
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