​Brilliant cooking tips to try right away!

For all food lovers, spending time in the kitchen feels exactly the same as an 8-year old kid visiting Disneyland, it brings us joy from within. So, in this video, we wanted to help you out by showing you some of our amazing kitchen hacks that will turn your cooking time into your favorite time in the kitchen. We show you how to keep your vegetables fresh for longer so that you won’t have to waste any food, therefore, save more money and we show you super cool ways to cut your veggies in order to decorate your dishes!

Once you cut a cucumber it goes bad after a couple of days. This is because it no longer has the natural protective membrane to protect it. So, we found the best hack for you! Simply cut the tip of the cucumber and keep it on the side, then, once you are finished put it back on the cucumber and keep it place using a toothpick.

The same thing happens with avocados, when you cut them in half, they start rotting a few hours later, so in order to keep them fresh, place them in a plastic sealable container and add a slice of onion inside. The onion juices will help keep your avocado fresh longer!

Having a nicely decorated dish is something that most experienced cookers strive for. Its the literal version of the “cherry on top” because not only does it show professionalism it lets people know that you are a good and you know what you are doing. So, we show you some amazing ways to decorate your dishes with veggies. For example, if you are adding raw carrots on your dish, why not turn them into beautiful roses made out of carrots simply by using a sharpener.

Everyone loves making potato-based dishes, they are delicious and extremely full-filling. However, the process of peeling potatoes can be very tedious. So, in this video, we have the best hack for you! We show you how to make the peeling easier just by trying out this little hack. Simply slice the potato peel from the middle, and boil your potatoes for a few minutes. Then transfer them into ice-cold water and you’ll see that the skin will come right off when you touch it!

Watch our whole video to discover all of our brilliant cooking hacks that will save you time preparing the food and give you more time to enjoy it!

0:06 – How to keep veggies fresh
1:10 – Brilliant way to peel a pineapple
1:42 – Carrot roses – dish decorations
2:31 – DIY lemon juice bottle
3:17 – Delicious fruit lollies
4:39 – DIY square orange
6:15 – Brilliant way to cut an apple
6:52 – How to cut a mango
7:57 – How to peel potatoes
9:11 – Kitchen foil hacks
10:42 – How to keep bananas fresh
11:27 – Bell pepper trick
12:04 – How to peel a kiwi
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