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Cooking a very creative profession, but even you do it as a hobby the number of recipes someone can come up with is countless. There is no need to be a chef in order to create your own tasty recipes, the only thing you need is imagination. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you and give you some amazing food hacks that people in the cooking industry came up with.

– In the first video, we show you how most of the food commercials are made. For example, have you ever wondered how the ice-creams in advertisements look so delicious and appetizing but they never look like that in real life? Well, this is because what you are actually seeing in the advertisements isn’t really ice cream but instant mashed potatoes mixed with some food coloring. So, if you would like to do an ice-cream photoshop, try this little hack. We also show you how some cakes appear so appetizing and the secret ways they make burgers look so match better and full in advertisements as opposed to what they look like in real life.

– Have you ever wondered why potato fries look so appetizing and well put together in advertisements and they never look this good in real life? Well, the answer is a piece of a sponge. They simply add some toothpicks through a sponger then place the potato fries on top in order to keep them steady and lifted.

– In order to make the cream on top of a piece of cake look so perfectly shaped, they don’t really use whipping but shaving cream instead.

– In addition, to make the chicken look perfectly roasted and have a golden color, they use a body spray tan.

– We also show you how to make your own black ice cream using activated charcoal. Firstly mix some whipping cream with a cup of sugar. Then add some activated charcoal in the mixture and mix with your electric whisk. Then add some dry ice and let it sit there until it gets more solid. After that, you can put in a bowl or an ice-cream cone and enjoy.

– We also show you some brilliant muffin tray hacks that you will want to try right away.
– You can make your delicious pineapple muffin using a slice of pineapple, a cherry and muffin batter.
– You can also bake some delicious eggs in a muffin tray for your sandwich lunch.
– You can also use them as lemon ice-cube trays for your lemonade.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant hacks we have for you that will give you a different idea for the art of cooking!

0:12 – Commercial tricks
0:58 – Cake commercial vs reality
1:30 – Burgers in commercials
3:21 – Chicken in recipes
5:05 – DIY black ice-cream
6:31 – Vegan caviar
8:46 – How to decorate your dishes
12:55 – Peanut butter hack
13:20 – Melted ice-cream cake
17:04 – Cinnamon roll hack
15:51 – DIY pasta stock cubes

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