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Lifehacks are something everyone strives for, for many different reasons. Either to save money or make their life easier by trying out some new tricks or even both. So, in this video compilation, we are sharing with you some amazing lifehacks that are out of this world. We show you many different ways you can use egg-shells that will blow your mind. In addition, are sharing with you how to turn your hand luggage into a backpack using just one carrier handle and, many different ironing hacks.

– Different uses for eggshells:
If you love eggs, then this video will make you save all the eggshells from the eggs you consume. You can use eggs to wash off burned food from you frying pan. You simply, grind your eggshells with your hands and place them inside your dirty frying pan. Then, you add one tablespoon of salt and hot water from your kettle. Finally, you take your sponge and you start scrubbing. You’ll see that the egg-shells will lift all the burned food off the frying pan in just a few minutes.
– You can also use eggshells to sharpen you blender blades. Simply add some eggshells in your blender and then add some water on top. Turn your blender on like you normally would and voila.
– You can also use eggshells to make your own plant fertilizer. Simply add some banana peels in your blender and then add some used ground coffee on top. Finally, add the eggshells on top and start your blender to mix them all together. Finally, take the fertilizer out of the blender and feed your plants to help them grow.

– How to cut multiple herbs at once:
Even though herbs can turn your dish into a delicious masterpiece they can be a pain to cut and mix all together, so we have the best lifehack for you. Take all the herbs that you are going to be using in your cooking and place them inside a tall drinking glass. After that, take some long scissors and start cutting vertically. You’ll see that the herbs will start mixing together and that all of them will be thinly cut in less than 2 minutes.

– How to remove spilled wax stains
We understand the struggle and panic you go through when you spill hot wax all over your furniture, so we demonstrate the perfect hack for you. Let the wax dry and do not try to remove, in the meantime turn your clothing iron on and place a paper towel on top of the wax stain. Finally, when your iron is hot enough run it on top of the paper towel and you’ll see the hot iron will melt it and the paper towel will absorb the wax. Watch our whole video to discover many more ironing hacks we have for you such as how to bring your fluffy carpet back to life or how to transfer a drawing on a piece of paper.

– Cool survival hacks:
If you are a person who loves camping, then this hacks can be a real life-saver for you. We demonstrate an amazing way to filter water and turn it into drinking water by using a plastic bottle and some bandage. You simply tie the bandage at the neck of the bottle and then you flip it upside down in your drinking glass/cup. Then you add some charcoal at the bottom, then you add sand on top, after that you add a few stones, then sand again, and then finally stones. After that, you pour your dirty water on top and voila. Clean drinkable water
– We also show you how to start a fire just by using a battery and some paper. You simply connect the two poles of the battery using the paper you’ll see that the fire will start from the middle just like we show you in the video, then you can place that paper on your firewood and voila.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing hacks that you’ll love, we have awesome repair tricks that you’ll find very useful when you do handy work around the house and many more.
0:14 – Awesome hacks with eggshells
1:20 – DIY plant fertilizer
2:18 – Extension wire hack
3:13 – Hot Iron hacks
3:35 – How to transfer a drawing
4:27 – Survival Tips
5:32 – How to start a fire
6:22 – Repair tricks
6:41 – How to mix paints
7:29 – DIY stable gun
8:39 – Car organization tips

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