How to re-purpose plastic bottles!

We live in an area where we try to eliminate plastic and care more for the environment, either through recycling or not even using products that can harm the environment. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some cool amazing hacks that you can create using old plastic bottles. This way you can re-purpose them and eliminate waste. We show you how to can use plastic bottles in your everyday life to make it easier as well as so fun crafts you can create. For example, we demonstrate a step by step tutorial on how to create your own feather earrings or how to make cool kitchen gadgets.

– How to turn a hair dryer into a vacuum
If you’ve accidentally spilled some coffee beans or candy or something that requires a vacuum to collect and you don’t have one at hand try out this little hack we have for you. Take a hairdryer, add a sock on the front side and the top piece of a plastic bottle on the opposite side where the fans are. Finally turn it on and it will act as a vacuum. This way you can pick up little pieces using a blow dryer.

– DIY toilet paper dispenser
It can be a struggle to have a toilet paper that stays intact especially when you have pets. So, in this video, we show you how to make a cook plastic bottle craft that will force your toilet paper to be kept in place. You simply take a large plastic bottle and cut it from the middle. Then, you cut a horizontal line in order to place the toilet paper through and voila.

– Cute m&ms dispenser for your desk:
If you love candy such as m&ms or skittles, then you can create your own candy dispenser using a plastic cup and the neck of a plastic bottle. This hack is perfect to do especially to have on your office and treat yourself once in a while when you work, or you can give it to one of your co-workers as a mini gift!

DIY cookie cutters:
– There is no need to go out of your way to buy cookie cutters when you can create a few using a plastic bottle. You can use the bottom of a plastic bottle to create flower shaped cookies and the top part of the plastic bottle for round cookies.

DIY seasoning containers:
– You can make your own salt and pepper seasoning containers by using an old plastic bottle. Here is how you can do it. Cut off the neck of the bottle and set it aside. Then, take some greaseproof paper and add some hot glue on top. Then place the bottleneck you just cut of on top so that the glue will act a seal. Finally, add your salt or pepper inside the bottle and close it with the cup. Using a sewing pin, pierce the cup on top and voila.

There are countless ways to re-use plastic bottles, for example, we show you how to make your own delicious sausages using a plastic bottle, or you can even make your own plastic bag you can take with you at the beach using old fabric softener containers.
0:34 – Blowdryer to vacuum hack
1:49 – DIY life jacket
3:23 – M&ms dispenser
4:14 – DIY strainer
5:11 – Cool sausage maker
6:15 – DIY seasoning containers
6:38 – DIY cookie cutters
9:45 – Egg yolk separator
10:53 – Plastic cup dispenser
12:52 – DIY beach bag
14:24 – DIY water filter

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