Brilliant money-saving crafts

We are all trying to save money for different reasons when we have the chance. Sometimes it’s because we want to go traveling or buy something relatively expensive. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some beauty and organizing hacks you can try by using items in your own home. We show you how many uses you can get out of a soap bar and or clothing hangers. We also show you how to repurpose items inside your house and turn them into something completely new.

– You can add some volume to your brows by rolling your clean mascara wand on a soap bar. The soap will elevate your brows and it will make them seem fuller.

– Do your glasses constantly get foggy? Instead of going out of your way to buy an anti-fogging spray we show you the best hack. Simply rub a soap bar on them and it will act as a protective top coat. This will prevent them from fogging up.

– You can make your own liquid hand soap using soap bars. Simply grate a few soap bars and transfer them into a cooking pan, then fill it with water and let them melt. Finally, transfer the liquid in an old liquid soap container and voila.

– Apart from the brilliant soap bar hacks that we also show you cool ways to re-use old items and turn them into completely new items. For example, we show you how to turn an old eyeglass case into a beautiful clutch by attaching a metal chain on it and adding some pearl buttons on top.

– We also show you some cool ways to re-purpose clothing hangers around your house.
– You can use them to organize your socks and hats
– You can use clothes hangers to create your own beautiful hair accessories
– You can even create a makeup brush case where you can help your makeup brushes dry out faster right after cleaning them.

We also show you a cool way to restore your broken makeup and give them a second life by trying out this hack. If you’ve accidentally broken your face powder, simply add some perfume into the powder container and mix it together; then tap it on top using a paper towel and a spoon and voila.

– We also show you a brilliant way to polish your shoes using coffee. There is no need to get yourself a shoe polisher when you can save your money and create your own.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing money-saving hacks that will help you in general and give your new ideas for crafts around your house.

0:11 – Brilliant soap hacks
0:45 – DIY soap freshener
1:27 – Anti-Fogg mirror
1:52 – Cleaning toilet bomb
3:25 – Selfie stick photography hack
3:50 – Repurpose an eyeglass case
5:29 – DIY shopping bag
6:25 – How to decorate your bullet journal
7:07 – Clothing hanger hacks
9:09 – Fix broken makeup
10:14 – DIY shoe polisher
11:24 – Toothbrush hacks
13:11 – DIY moisturizing bars

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