​Brilliant Origami crafts you can try

It is amazing how many things we can create using something as simple as paper. In this video, we wanted to bring out the artistic side of your guys and help you create beautiful paper crafts you can use as gifts for your friends or you can use to decorate your apartments. The crafts that we demonstrate are super easy as well, so you don’t have to have any spectacular artistic skills in order to re-create them, just patience and imagination!

If you are looking for a way to create a beautiful colorful flower bouquet that you can place on your coffee table, we have the best hack for you! We show you a cool way to create rich dahlias by layering a few pieces of paper together and then hold them together with craft wire. You then, create multiple ones to make it look more realistic and there you have it. You can also create beautiful color combinations to give your bouquet and your room some more life!

For those of you who are looking to get into origami art and start creating their own beautiful flowers and basically any object you can think off we show you cool ways to get started as an origami artist. We show you a super easy way to create a red tulip using craft paper. This flower is super easy to create and you can give it as a gift to people you love.

If you don’t have any craft paper laying around to get started with you magnificent paper crafts don’t worry because you can use toilet paper instead. We show you how you can create beautiful realistic looking roses using toilet paper that you use to decorate your bathroom or a party!

For those of you who would like to go the extra mile with your gift giving, we show you how you can create an amazing floral bouquet using craft paper simply by cutting the paper in a circle and then cut a spiral with your craft scissors. You can use different colored paper to create a rose bouquet that you can gift to someone you love or you can use as a decoration.

Watch our video to find out all of our paper craft we show you that you will love. We show you how to create a rotating paper craft spiral as well as a moving ninja star!

1:21 – Origami Tulip
2:54 – Lilac Origami flowers
4:59 – Dandelion origami art
6:52 – Easy origami roses
8:29 – Beautiful origami roses using coffee filters
10:12 – Tissue paper 3D folding flower
12:12 – Origami ninja star
12:50 – Posted rainbow spiral spring
14:41 – Paper jumping frogs
16:13 – Paper bag hanging stars
17:42 – Origami fish for kids
18:17 – Spongebob SquarePants origami
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