​Repurpose your old clothes in new ones

Most of the time we wish that our favorite clothes could fit us perfectly and we see all those girls on social media with perfectly fitted clothes and we question why our clothes are never a perfect fit. Well in this video we have the answer. We are sharing with you some amazing clothing and sewing hacks to help you fit into your favorite clothes, fix the ones that have been damaged or turn them into completely different clothes by trying out our hacks. We also show you some cool embroidery art designs that you can add to your clothes to make them more fashionable and give them some color as well.

For those of you who are struggling to place a thread through a needle hole, we show you an amazing hack. If there is still some a piece of thread inside the needle, place the other piece of thread through the needle and then pull the old thread just as we show you in the video. This will help the new thread get through the hole without the fuss.

We also show you how to make your own turtle neck t-shirt by sewing a piece of fabric on top of your favorite sweater. The only thing you’ll need for this hack is to color match the sweater with the fabric you’ll be using as a turtle neck. You do not have to worry about the color of the thread because we show you a cool stitching hack that will help conceal the thread underneath without it being visible.

If you accidentally ripped your favorite jeans to the point that there is no going back. Don’t worry you don’t have to get rid of them because we demonstrate a very helpful tutorial on how to turn them into a beautiful skirt. This way you’ll be able to wear your favorite jeans as a skirt to the office as a slightly more formal clothing item.

If you love embroidery designs, you’ve come to the right place because we love it. We wanted to show you some cool and easy embroidery designs that you can create in order to both decorate your clothes with little flowers and patterns as well as fix your clothes when you accidentally ripped them. For example, we show you how to fix a tear on your jacket by sewing a beautiful flower on top. These embroidery tutorials we offer are super easy so you do not need to have any sewing experience, you just need some patience and to follow our demonstrations.

Watch our whole video to see all of our clothing DIYs and sewing hacks. For example, we show you how to fix worn down cuffs by replacing them with color matching socks. In addition, we show you how to shorten your jeans and sweater sleeves using cute embroidery designs

0:07 – Sewing needle transfer trick
0:29 – DIY turtleneck sweater
1:03 – How to repurpose old jeans
1:43 – How to fix your zipper
2:00 – DIY jean skirt
3:44 – Embroidery snowflake
4:12 – How to fix a broken button on your jeans
4:55 – Fix broken glasses
5:41 – How to conceal your socks
6:57 – How to remove bleach stains from your shirt
7:53 – Fix worn-down cuffs
9:11 – DIY sewing kit
11:00 – Cardigan from an old t-shirt
11:37 – How to hide shoulder straps
12:00 – How to shorten a belt
12:39 – How to shorten your shirt sleeves
14:09 – Fashionable way to shorten your jeans
14:34 – Beautiful embroidery designs
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