Cooking hacks that will save you time and money

Not everyone likes spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Sometimes taking the time to prepare your favorite food feels like it’s taken you ages. So, in this video, we wanted to help you make the time you spend in the kitchen the most enjoyable time you can have in your house. One of the most time-consuming choruses is cutting vegetables, it can take ages to cut a salad. So, in this video, we show you some brilliant cooking hacks that will save you a tone of time preparing dinner. In addition, we share with you some cool ways to store your cooking ingredients as well as some amazing cleaning hacks when doing your washing up after dinner.

– We show you a brilliant trick to cut potato wedges for your tasty dish. Instead of cutting your potatoes like you normally would using a knife, you can use an apple slicer instead. This will make your potatoes look evenly cut and it will take a lot less time.

– You can buy some fresh onions, finely chop them and then store them in a plastic bottle in the freezer. This way you can season your breakfast just by sprinkling some of them on top of your dish instead of having to cut new onions everytime you cook.

– To prevent your milk from spoiling, you can add a pinch of salt in the milk bottle. This will retain its freshness and you won’t have to throw milk away all the time – especially when you only use it in your coffee.

– You can also use a plastic container to peel some garlic cloves. Simply add your garlic in a plastic container, put the lid on top and shake it really well. When you take the garlic out you’ll see that it gets peeled on its own.

– When baking a cake that requires butter, instead of cutting it into pieces you can grate it. This will ensure that the butter gets distributed all over the cake and it will save you time from both cutting and melting it.

– You can also use a pizza slicer to cut your lettuce. This will save you a tone of time when preparing salad, and it is a lot easier since you’ll be rolling the blade around. This is ideal not only for lettuce but for all green veggies.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant cooking hacks for all your dishes. You can apply these new cooking skills that we teach you in all your recipes. We also show you some amazing pasta hacks as well as some cleaning tricks for your utensils.

0:13 – Grated chocolate sprinkles
0:29 – Potato wedges hack
0:56 – How to keep milk fresh
1:53 – Strawberry slices
2:32 – Cooking butter hack
4:26 – Brilliant cleaning trick
4:53 – Correct pasta portions
5:11 – Easy cake decoration
6:00 – Microwaved potched egg
6:48 – DIY veggie slicer
7:24 – How to make your own grater
8:14 – Chicken and coke recipe
8:31 – Nutella filled banana
9:19 – How to chop cherry tomatoes
10:06 – DIY knife stand

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