Amazing beauty tips and tricks to learn right away

If you are new to the beauty world and you’d like to learn a few more things on how to improve both your beauty and skincare routine in order to achieve a gorgeous look, then this video is for you!

– Add some tape on the sides of your nail clipper to prevent any nails from falling over, this way you’ll save yourself from cleaning up later.
– Add some clear nail polish at the bottom of your metal toiletries to prevent them from rusting.
– Place your razor in some rice to prevent it from being damaged or getting rusted. The rice will absorb all the moisture and it will always keep it dry.
– When you are traveling take a panty liner and soak it with micellar water. This way you’ll always be able to remove all your makeup on the go.
– To prevent your shirts from getting smelly when you sweat, you can place some panty liners on the inside of your armpits. This way the sweat will never sip through.
– If you are looking for a way to give a new style to your old clothes, we show you how you can do that using scarfs.
– We also show you awesome embroidery tutorials on how to fix your old clothes

0:07 – Amazing hack using nail clippers
0:41 – Awesome hacks using panty liners
3:33 – Amazing ways to wear a scarf
8:03 – How to repair your old clothes with embroidery
11:25 – How to fix a broken nail
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