Genius girly tricks nobody told you about

Even though almost all of us adore our clothes, purses and of course shoes…We tend to be somewhat unfortunate in some of those situations. So, in this video, I’m showing you some genius hacks that will help you fix all the problem you encounter in your daily life.
– If your ballerina shoes keep coming off, I show you how to use a pair of hair-ties in order to secure them in place.
– If your feet keep sliding at the front of your high heels. You can put a stop to that, Simply add some hot-glue on the inside sole of your shoes, exactly were your toes start and voila.
– To remove stains from your teeth and whiten them naturally at home. Mash some strawberries and then add a tablespoon of baking soda.
– To make the flakes from your scalp disappear, mix some lemon juice with some olive oil, apply it to your head and then let it sit there for half an hour. After that, take a shower and see the results.
– To get rid of dark circles, place some kitchen foil in the freezer, then apply some aloe vera gel under your eyes and finally add the kitchen foil on top.

0:07 – Smart hacks for shoes
1:17 – How to perfectly shape your brows using a toothpick
2:07 – How to get rid of dandruff
2:59 – Cut crease using a spoon
4:09 – How to get rid of flappy skin
6:05 – How to recover from a hangover fast
8:04 – How to get bigger hips
10:21 – How to shorten your bag strap
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