​​Amazing life-hacks of all time

Have you ever been in a situation where you were desperate for advice or a solution but you couldn’t find one? Well, after watching this video, you’ll see that you will encounter less and less of these situations because we share with you some essential life-hacks that can be proved life-saving in many situations!

Everyone loves snow, but sometimes when we go outside for long periods of time it can be very bitter and painful; especially when you accidentally sit on a cold bench. So, in the first video section, we show you some brilliant hacks when you are in the cold weather. We show you how to keep warm using your hair on your face like a warming mask. We also show you how to prevent getting cold while seating on an ice cold bench by sticking a piece of synthetic winterizer on the inside of your trousers!

If you happen to see a tear on your favorite knitted sweater that is beyond repair, we show you a cool way to repurpose your t-shirt by turning it into something brand new. This hack is perfect because you both save money and keep your favorite colored knitted sweater at the same time! In addition, we show you how to turn a knitted pair of winter socks into beautiful warm gloves just by cutting the heals and the tips off! For those couples that are in love and cannot separate while they walk next to each other, we demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own couples gloves where you can hold hands with your other half while still keeping warm in the cold weather!

For some reason, all of us hoard a couple more towels in our homes in case of emergencies. Even though these emergencies never occur. So, in this video, we show you how to re-purpose those old towels you have in your home by turning them into something new. We also show you how to keep your towels organized by rolling them instead of folding them. We also show you a cool towel decoration by turning a brown towel into Mr. Bean’s teddy bear.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our brilliant life-saving hacks that you’ll fall in love with especially this winter.

0:07 – Amazing hacks in the snow
1:12 – How to re-purpose a knitted sweater
2:22 – How to make an ice bubble
3:05 – DIY couples gloves
4:46 – DIY knitted pillow case
5:27 – Amazing towel hacks
8:06 – Anti-slippery snowshoes
8:37 – Beautiful DIY scarf
9:50 – Brilliant crafts with socks
11:19 – Anti-slippery sock hacks
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