​​Brilliant cleaning tips and tricks

A clean house is something that all of us strive for. It gives us a sense of responsibility and independence while having a dirty and cluttered house makes us fill un-motivated and depressed. So, in this video, we came up with some amazing cleaning hacks for you that will help you clean your house and keep it clean. We wanted to inspire you and motivate to get some work done starting out with your cleaning routine. We show you amazing DIY cleaning products as well as different ways to clean your house that will completely change your cleaning routine!

Having pets goes hand in hand with pet hair all over our apartment. So, in this video, we found a perfect hack for you to get rid of your pet’s hair in no times just by using a pair of latex gloves. You simply put on your latex gloves and then you run them through some water – then you wipe your furniture with your glove and voila. You’ll see all the pet hair and fiber fuzzies will get stuck on the glove! You then take off the gloves and put them straight into the bin.

If you are planning to do some cleaning around your house and you’ve just run out of anti-bacterial wipes, then we have the best hack for you! We show you how to create your own just by following our secret recipe! Simp;y cut a kitchen towel roll in half and then in a plastic container add one cup of lemon juice. Then, add one cup of hot water, one cup of vinegar, a few drops of alcohol, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and finally a few pumps of soap!. After that, take your half kitchen roll to add it in the container and put the lid on top. Then pierce a hole through the lid, take one piece of paper and run it through and you are ready to go!

In order to remove scratched from your wooden floor, we have the best DIY recipe that will restore your floor without damaging it with chemicals. In a bowl add some vinegar, a few drops of lemon juice and then some olive oil. Mix all the ingredients together really well and finally take a cotton pad to dip it in the mixture and wipe your floor with it! You’ll see that the dirt and scratches will get removed from the floor and also that the olive oil will nourish your wooden floors.
Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing DIY cleaning hacks that will make your whole house sparkle and smell fresh in just minutes!

1:12 – How to remove Animal fur from furniture
2:34 – Sweeping hack
2:53 – DIY outdoor laundry
4:03 – Diy Antibacterial wipes
5:04 – Brilliant way to Get rid of bad smells
5:50 – DIY carpet cleaner
6:27 – How to erase permanent marker
8:09 – How to remove stickers
9:07 – How to clean a dirty sofa
9:45 – How to clean your microwave
10:03 – How to clean your clothing iron
11:21 – Bathroom cleaning hacks
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