Brilliant ways to become healthier

Being healthy and staying healthy should be everyone’s main focus, but sometimes we might encounter a few accidents just by going through our everyday life. So, we created this video to help you in every case. We show you how to get rid of bruises to some amazing exercises for your core. In addition to those, we show you some lazy yoga exercises you can do in bed in order to prepare you mentally for your day.

If you are prone to bruises and you get them quite often we have the best hack for you to get rid of them. Add some toothpaste on the bruise and then add a cotton pad on top. Then, wrap the cotton pad with some bandage to keep it in place and let it sit there for a while. Finally, remove it and you’ll see the bruise disappear.

Hot drinks can be a nightmare, some people managed to become tolerant of extra hot tea or coffee, but most of us aren’t. So, if you’ve accidentally drunk some extra hot tea and you burned your tongue, instantly put some sugar on your tongue. It will relieve the pain right away.

It can be painful for us girls to maintain our beauty, especially when it comes to hair removal and eyebrow plugging. If your eyes become watery every time you plug your eyebrows because the pain is intolerable, then place one ice cube on your brows right before plugging them. The ice will numb the area and the plugging will be painless.

Head massagers are the ultimate form of relaxation. Not only that but they are proven to stimulate hair growth because they increase the blood flow to the head. So, in this video, we show you how to create your own head massager by cutting an old whisk. You cut the connecting wires just as we demonstrate in the video and you stretch them away from the center. Then, you add some hot glue on top to avoid getting scratched and create the massaging tips and, voila.

All of us spend most of our time working in an office and typing on a computer which can be extremely tiring, not only for our eyes but also for our posture and legs. So, in this video section, we show you a brilliant method to take a few minutes break at work and do some easy stretches for your arms, bag, and legs. We also show you some cool eye exercises to keep your eyes sharp, especially when you spend a lot of time staring at a screen.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our brilliant healthy hacks that will inspire you to take more care of yourself and well being.

0:07 – How to get rid of bruises
0:59 – How to remove a splinter
1:13 – Brow plugging hack
2:12 – DIY head massager
2:45 – Yoga matt trick
3:35 – DIY back massager
4:10 – Brilliant Office exercises
6:04 – Lazy yoga in bed
8:01 – Exercises for better posture
10:14 – Get rid of shoulder pain
10:44 – How to stop snoring
11:11 – Relief menstrual cramps
11:50 – How to get a stronger vision
13:14 – DIY water filter
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