Amazing hacks to make you look gorgeous

Are you looking for beauty hacks to become a beauty guru and improve your makeup skills for the better? In this video, we have the best hacks for you to help you achieve the most flawless look. We also show you some skincare hacks to incorporate in your pampering routine in order to achieve the glowy skin effect all of us are looking for!

We all love the smooth blending effect the beauty blender leaves on your skin when we apply foundation, but sometimes beauty blenders are disposable and they tend to get destroyed. If you are ever in a similar situation, instead of using a beauty blender you can use a balloon instead. The balloon will not absorb the foundation and give you the best possible results with your foundation blending.

Brow gels came into our lives to change it for the better! Sometimes however they can be pretty expensive! So, in this video, we found an amazing way to help you make your own brow gel just by using two ingredients. In a small empty makeup container, add some pure Aloe Vera gel and scrape off some matte eyeshadow that matches your brow color. Mix the two together and using a mascara wand place it on your eyebrows.

If you are out traveling and you don’t have enough makeup tools to do your make we have the best hack for you! We show you how you can use just a single eyeshadow brush and adjust it in order to create a brilliant makeup look using that one brush. You simply tie an elastic band all around the bristles and then you adjust it to how fine or wide you’d like your makeup brush to be in order to do your eye look!

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing beauty and hair hacks you can try to boost your confidence and achieve the best look possible on a budget!

0:33 – DIY brow gel
1:18 – DIY highlighter brush
2:25 – DIY adjustable makeup brush
3:35 – How to fix broken makeup
5:31 – DIY peel-off lip stain
7:08 – DIY makeup remover
9:28 – DIY magnetic makeup display
10:12 – DIY dry shampoo
11:29 – DIY contouring hack
11:47 – How to contour your lips
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