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Having a smartphone these days is a basic necessity, it goes along having a transportation method, or having a laptop and electricity in your own home. Even though having a smartphone is optional, it goes without saying that one would be unable to function in the world without it. For example, you need it for new – clear directions, to call for emergency services when there is an emergency, to call or order a cab, or find your friends. So, in this video compilation, we are sharing with you some things that most of us owning a smartphone should stop doing for the sake of our sanity as well some brilliant DIYs for your phone in order to give it a new fashionable look.

This you should avoid doing with your phone:
– Sometimes, we go through minor everyday struggles because of the “wrong” things we do on a daily basis that can make our lives slightly more difficult. These things are considered wrong because they are causing us to waste our time trying to resolve them when we have small accidents doing them. For example, put our phone in our back pocket – there are so many things that can go wrong when doing that, such as falling in the toilet, or someone stealing it while we walk. There are so many things that can go wrong doing that, it’s best to avoid doing this altogether.

– In a world where social media is part of everyone’s everyday life, some people take having a social media account to the next level. For example, having to avoid eating until the take the perfect shot of their food and post it online.

– Or waking up earlier in the morning than their significant other in order to put on makeup so that they can take the perfect selfie.

– It is very common these days to pay more attention to your iPhone than pay attention to your surroundings and this can cause many accidents such as:
– Pumping into people on the street
– Walking into a glass door
– Having little accidents with your beverages
So, it is best to be on your phone solely when you are doing nothing else at that time.

In this video, we are also sharing with your some amazing ways to make your own phone case that will match both your outfit and personality.

How to make your own color-changing phone case:
Take a clear phone case and using your paintbrush, paint it white with some acrylic paint. After that, take your favorite nail polish color and paint the phone case on top until you cover it completely without any white strokes showing. After that, take some color-changing nails polish, paint the phone case again and let it dry and voila. Whenever you apply heat on the case, it will change into a completely different color, and your fingerprints will show on the case.

– Beautiful bohemian phone case:
Take a clear phone case and then find some of your favorite colored feathers to put on. Then, stick them on the case using some glue and let them dry. After that, take a glass container and apply 1 syringe filled with raisin (one part). Then, place two parts of hardener and mix the two together using a wooden stick. Let it harden slightly for 30 minutes and finally, pour on your feather filled phone case. Wait until it is completely dry and voila.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant hacks for your smartphone you can do at home.
0:07 – Things you should avoid doing with your smartphone
1:25 – How friends take pictures
2:41 – The morning social media selfie
4:10 – The lip-balm phone case
4:29 – Color changing phone case
6:53 – DIY galaxy phone case
7:51 – The phone case necklace
9:27 – Ear-phone hacks
10:25 – How to protect your earphones

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