pretty girl rosie
Oh, hai

Just a few VIP cat-related news items happenin’ ’round these parts…

1. Charlotte Tilbury has a black liquid liner called “The Feline Flick,” and it’s the cat’s meow.

It’s absolutely worthy of its kitty-inspired name, because this stuff will last you through nine lives and then some.

charlotte tilbury feline flick
Truly worthy of kitten flicks and cat eyes

Much like a napping cat on your lap, THIS STUFF DOES NOT MOVE. I’ve been re-watching Downton Abbey (right now I’m at the end of season two; so scandalous!), and I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve fallen asleep and smooshed my face on my pillow multiple times, and this liner stays put. However, when I’ve gone to remove my makeup at night, it slips right off!

So weird, yet so cool.

It’s blacker than a black cat, and has a slightly shiny finish, and the flexible felt tip draws lines sharper than kitty claws. It’s $30, and you can find it in Charlotte’s permanent collection.

charlotte tilbury feline flick

Second kitty-related item of note…

2. We’ve taken on a new boarder (!)

Her full name is Pretty Girl Rosie, but she also goes by Rosie Posie, or just plain Rosie.

pretty girl rosie
Already ignoring me, le sigh…

She’s the mama kitty a friend of mine fostered last month, and now that her kittens have grown up and moved on with their lives, she’s decided to start her next adventure in a home with lots of love to give.

Ours. 😊

pretty girl rosie
Perhaps not ready for the runway, but maybe she could score some catalog work?

When she isn’t chillin’ on someone’s lap or chasing after her wand toy, Rosie adores styling hair. She’s known for her scalp massages and her tousled, cool-girl aesthetic. 😎

rosie doing hair
Getting my hair done
rosie doing hair
This style is known as “The Biscuit”

And because everyone in our family has to pull their own weight, we’re casually talking about her perhaps opening up her own full-service salon. No pressure, though. She doesn’t have to go into fashion or beauty. She can be an engineer, or work in law enforcement. Whatever her little heart desires.

(I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll pick Connor as her very special human.)

Just the girls
pretty girl rosie
Fall colors in her coat (she’s nine pounds, by the way, and very petite)
pretty girl rosie
Doing what cats do…

Also in cat-related news…

3. These Chocolate Cat Cookies at Trader Joe’s are the human equivalent of catnip.

low fat chocolately cats cookies for people
I warned you.

Once you start eating them, it’s very, very, VERY hard to stop. They’re super crunchy and chocolaty but not overly sweet. It’s like eating an extra crispy chocolate graham cracker.

So good with tea or coffee…

low fat chocolately cats cookies for people

You may think you’d be able to stop after just a few, but you’d be wrong. 😁 Before you know it you’ll be scooping out handfuls and shoving them into your mouth like there’s no tomorrow.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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