The best hacks for your shoes

Shoes are one of the most beloved clothing items. Most of us girls might not have enough clothes, and we might have 5 shirts in our closets but we sure have more than a dozen of shoe pairs. I don’t really know what it is about shoes that makes them so beautiful and intriguing. It is as if they bring out a different version of our selves when we wear them. So, we wanted to devote this video to all those shoe lovers out there who are looking for inspiration for their shoes, tips on how to style them and how to get the best out of their favorite pair. We show you brilliant hacks for your shoes that you can try right away, whether you are wearing sneakers, high heeled boots, heels or training shoes, this video is for you!

If you’ve just washed your shoes and they are taking ages to dry, don’t give them another second just try out this hack. In some kitchen towels add some cat litter on top. Then seal them on top using a box clip and place the little bag you just created inside the wet shoe. This will speed up the drying time and it will prevent them from smelling bad afterward.

Sneakers and trainers are prone to bad smells, and it completely normal especially when you wear them at the gym. We all tend to sweat and our shoes smell bad. If you’ve ever been in a similar situation before washing them try out this little trick. On a cotton pad add some hydrogen peroxide, wipe the inside of your show with it and voila. The peroxide will instantly remove the bad odors.

No matter how often you wear your shoes we all know that they need a lot of maintenance in order to prevent wear, tear and retain freshness. So, in this video section, we show you how to keep your shoes smelling fresh depending on the type.
– For sneakers add one tablespoon of soda inside the show
– For suede shoes add a lemon peel
– For canvas shoes add a tea bag

Are you a fun of Goretex material but can’t afford one? We show you how to make your canvas shoes waterproof using candle wax. You simply rub a tea candle all over your shoes and then you melt it with your blow dryer!

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing shoe hacks as well as our shoe DIYs that you’ll fall in love with!

0:11 – How to dry wet shoes
1:11 – How to keep your shoes smelling fresh
1:39 – How to clean your shoes
2:19 – How to clean suede shoes
2:38 – Ways to tie your shoelaces
7:38 – Brilliant sneaker hacks
8:21 – How to clean leather shoes
9:30 – DIE cartoon shoes
10:52 – Repurpose a shoebox
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