How to behave like a lady

If you are looking to find out how savior Vivre works and how to make great first impressions, then this video is for you.

– Do not keep your teabag inside your tea, let it brew for 2-3 minutes
– When eating spaghetti, always use a spoon to collect them while rotating them on your fork.
– Do not fill your wine glass with more than 1/3 of wine
– Always carry with you a small bag for dinner instead of a large handbag
– Keep your phone on silent in your bag instead of leaving it on the table.
– If your makeup needs a touch-up to go to the bathroom, don’t apply makeup at the dinner table.
– Wipe your lipstick off when drinking from a glass.
– If you want to end a relationship, always do it face instead of over a text
– It is rude to talk to someone with glasses on or headphones in your ears. Always give people your full undivided attention.

0:07 – Right vs Wrong manners at the table
3:24 – American vs continental style
3:43 – How to behave in public
6:11 – How to break up with someone
7:09 – Opening a door
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