​Brilliant cooking tricks

We all love a delicious home-made meal, but cooking it sometimes can be daunting. This is why we created this video. We wanted to share with you guys some genius cooking tips and tricks that will help you become the chef of your dreams in no time. We show you how to quickly cook some delicious meals using unconventional ways and we also demonstrate step-by-step easy recipes for you and your family. You can use the ideas we show you if you are hosting at your house, or you can get some inspiration for your next meal.

When it comes to cooking a steak, everyone has their preference and perceptions on what tastes good. Some people like ti rare, some others medium rare and some others well done. In this video section, we show you unbelievable ways to cook a steak that you’ll want to try right away. For example, we show you how to cook steak using a butane torch. In addition, we show you how to cook steak using your clothing iron. You simply place your steak inside some kitchen foil and you iron it like on both sides.

In addition to those, we also share with you some amazing kitchen hacks for different emergencies. Let’s say you are about to drink some champagne with your friends and all of a sudden you realize the champagne is flat. Simply add one raisin inside the bottle, shake it really well and voila.

If you making something that contains avocado but you are not intending to use the whole thing, we show you a cool way to keep it fresh for more than a day even after it gets cut. Simply add some lemon juice inside the avocado and rub a slice of lemon all around it. After that add some cling film to keep it in place and voila.

If you are looking for a way to keep your cookies fresh inside the cookie jar, simply add a loaf of bread with them inside the jar. The bread will retain the moisture of the cookies and prevent them from hardening.

For those days that you are really craving something chocolaty and quick but you have nothing inside your house, we show you a cool way to make your own muffin in a mug inside the microwave. This little recipe will take you only two minutes and you’ll always have something to look forward to when you crave chocolate.

Watch our whole video to discover many different kitchen hacks, for example how to keep all your products in the fridge fresh for longer.

0:11 – Genius ways to cook steak
2:21 – How to fix flat champagne
3:04 – Brilliant cereal hack
3:21 – How to soften brown sugar
3:40 – Keep avocado fresh
4:51 – How to keep strawberries fresh for longer
5:53 – Brilliant cheese hack
6:54 – Genius lemon hack
7:20 – Get the best out of garlic
8:11 – How to open a bottle without a bottle opener
9:06 – Keep chopping board steady
9:55 – How to fix burned cookies
10:23 – How to clean your microwave
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