Brilliant decoration crafts for your home

All of us scroll through social media to get inspiration on how to decorate our houses. We look at different textures that might suit our bedroom and different color palettes and pattern combinations for our living room or bathroom. However, sometimes these decorations can be too expensive especially when you are on a budget. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing ideas and hacks that will help you decorate your home in a fashionable way without having to spend any money. The only thing you’ll have to do is repurpose a few old items you already have in your home and you have no use for!

If you love Pringles and you have a pringle container, laying around, before throwing it in the trash, try out this little hack instead. Because in this video we show you how to turn a pringles box into beautiful vanity storage for your cotton pads. You simply need to take your favorite color marble paper, dress the box all around and then cut a small half-circle hole at the bottom to access you cotton pads later. Finally, you’ll need to fill the box on top with some cotton pads and voila! You can also create a marble container for your vanity for your cotton swaps using the same method. You’ll only need an old food container tin and there you have it!

In this video, we also have some amazing ideas to turn a boring dorm room into the dorm room of your dreams simply by painting and decorating some of your furniture. We show you how to turn a plain set of drawers into a very expensive looking one simply by painting it all around a black color and then sticking some piece of floral wallpaper on the drawers themselves. This will give your dorm a very fashionable and unique look that won’t go out of style.

I am pretty sure all of your girls notice how expensive couch stools can be. It can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase a simple plain stool and if you are on a budget you end up not getting one. So, we found a perfect way for you to create your own stool by repurposing plastic bottles. Here is how you do it. Place as many plastic bottles next to each other in a circle and hold them together using tape. Then stick them on a round piece of cardboard box both on top and at the bottom. After that, add some felt on around and on top of the stool. Stick it in place using hot glue and tape and finally dress it with the materials of your choice! Watch our video for the whole demonstration tutorial!

We also show you a cool way to create beautiful decorations for your living room or your office area using old picture frames. You simply stick them together in a triangle shape and then you place some sand, seashells and pretty much whichever decorations you feel matches your house or office area.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing DIY hacks that you’ll absolutely fall in love with! You can use old products to come up with anything and you will find all the inspirations you need in this video!

0:06 – Cool bathroom organizer decorations
1:24 – Best hiding places in the house
1:50 – Awesome DIY furniture
3:09 – Mirror desk DIY hack
4:20 – How to re-purpose old picture frames
6:12 – DIY bathroom organizer
7:52 – Tableware ideas
9:40 – DIY bubble coffee mugs
10:46 – How to fold table cloths
12:35 – Cool crafts for your fridge
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