Genius creative techniques every artist will love

Hey creative people. In this video, I am showing you some cool ways to help you unleash your creative side and become a better artist.
– I show you how you can create funny drawings using logos as references. For example, you can turn the Nissan logo into a crab, or you can turn the Jeep logo into a cowboy.
– Pastels can be a very difficult medium to work with. So, in this video, I am showing you some easy techniques that you can try to create beautiful landscapes with them while blending the colors together evenly.
– For those of you who are just starting out with art and you are looking to become a better artist while still a beginner I show you the way. I show you some super cool tricks using chalk pastels that can help you create masterpieces. For example, I show you how to draw a pumpkin with just a couple of strokes; or you can easily draw a pineapple by having the pastels on the sides and then dragging them on your paper.
– The techniques I am showing you are for all ages as well, so you can even teach your kids how to draw and turn up to class with all their new colorful doodle drawings that everyone can admire.

0:07 – Funny ways to use logos
3:40 – Magical pastel art techniques
4:54 – Amazing city scape tutorial for beginners
7:46 – Simple pastel techniques for beginners
8:23 – How to draw a burger for beginners
9:52 – How to draw a rose
11:20 – How to draw cherry blossoms
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