Hacks on how to save your old products and protect your new ones.

Whether you are looking for a way to restore some of your damaged beauty products or you are looking for a way to make your products last, this is the video is for you. In order to help you save both money and time with your most used products, we compiled a list of some amazing affordable hacks that will help you keep an item for as long as possible.

– Razors are important for a lot of women since they are the most common tool for hair removal, but they can also be very expensive. So, we have some awesome hacks to help you save your old, broken and used razors. You can use a paper clip/binder as a cover for your razor when you are traveling to protect both the blades and yourself from any accidents. You can also use a fork as a razor holder if your razor has been broken. Just make sure you are using a plastic disposable fork as we demonstrate in the video. In addition to those, you can protect your razor blade and help them last longer by applying some essential oil on them to prevent them from drying out when you are about to shave.

– If you are struggling to keep your child’s toys in place and they cover the whole floor, then we have the best hack for you. We demonstrate how you can take a kids bed sheet and create a rug that they can play on with their toys. Then we demonstrate a step by step way how to add some elastic robe all around the edges, and once your child’s bedtime is up, you can just pull the strings and all the toys will be stored in the bed sheet. This way you’ll have the whole room organized in less than 2 minutes.

– If you have an old pair of jeans that you are no longer wearing but you still love their fashionable design, we demonstrate a perfect way to turn them into a beautiful carrier bag. This one perfect if you are looking for a convenient bag to take with you at Uni or at school that will fit all your books and important stuff. You can also create to the size you prefer since you’ll be the one creating it. If you are also looking to make your own carrier pouch then look no further than this video. We demonstrate the perfect way to do using a table mat, some hot glue and then decorative ribbon all around the top sides. Just watch our whole video to get some inspiration.

Watch our whole video to discover amazing sewing hacks that you’ll find extremely useful if you are a beginner. We also demonstrate a perfect way to turn a men’s t-shirt into a beautiful mesh top. In addition to those, we have some brilliant ideas to help you decorate your plain t-shirts using ink, paint and the infamous fidget spinners we all loved.
0:07 – Razor hacks
0:55 – How to organize your kid’s toys
2:21 – DIY pouch
2:57 – DIY shopping bag
3:39 – Cute zipper pencil case
5:34 – Coffee stained t-shirt
6:20 – How to re-use your boyfriend’s t-shirt
7:05 – Fidget Spinner t-shirt
7:40 – Awesome DIY rug
9:45 – Brilliant way to re-use a teddy bear
10:27 – Turn old toys into a decorative bowl
13:24 – Turn your t-shirt into a pot hanger

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