Brilliant hacks for a flawless makeup look

Achieving the perfect makeup look takes a lot of work for almost all makeup enthusiasts, especially at the beginning. Even the most experienced makeup artists that create those magnificent looks were once amateurs and they learned by trying out different hacks that nobody knew about. So, in this video, we wanted to reveal to your some brilliant hacks you can try with your makeup look in order to improve your skills and become more experienced.

If you don’t have a beauty blender or a makeup sponge which you can use to apply foundation, then don’t worry! Instead of using your hands to apply foundation, you can use a kitchen sponge instead. Kitchen sponges are generally really soft, they will absorb the excess foundation and give your foundation a very flawless finish!

We all use an eyelash curler to curl our lashes and make them pop out more, but did you know you can use an eyelash curler for many different purposes when doing your makeup? Here is what you can use it for!
– If you notice that your lips are too pale and you don’t want to apply any product on them, you can pinch them with an eyelash curler to increase the blood flow in the area and make them appear redder.
– You can also use the curler to apply your mascara as a guide to avoid having your eyelashes look clumpy! This will make your lashes look longer, thicker and more feathery looking!
– You can also clean your eyelashes curler by warming it up with a lighter and then removing the excess product with a makeup wipe or a cotton pad. The heat will warm up the build up and make it easier to lift and remove!

If you are looking for a way to create your own waterproof lipstick, then we have the best hack for you! We show you how to create your own lipstick peel off stain using some food coloring and clear peel-off mask. You simply mix the two together, apply the mixture on your lips using a lip brush and after it is completely dry you can remove it and see the amazing results!

Fake lashes are designed to give us the best and most amazing eye look by making our lashes look naturally thicker and longer. However, sometimes we can achieve the opposite results by adding an excessive amount of eyelash glue on our fake lashes. So we show you how to apply eyelash glue on your falsies using a bobby pin. This will prevent the glue from staining and even being visible while still achieving the best results.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing DIY beauty hacks that will get you excited for doing your makeup each time!

0:06 – Brilliant makeup sponge hack
0:22 – Amazing eyelash curler hacks
1:25 – The correct way to apply mascara
2:37 – Cool contouring hack
3:24 – DIY peel-off lip stain
4:58 – Quick way to clean your makeup brushes
6:18 – Cool rotating makeup display
7:53 – Beautiful makeup brush holders
8:39 – How to organize your makeup
9:38 – DIY teeth stain remover
10:12 – How to contour your abs
11:19 – DIY blackhead remover
12:19 – DIY dry shampoo
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