Ideas to decorate your walls

Having beautiful walls in your house is the foundation of having a cozy house. No matter how many decorations you have in your house and how pretty it looks. If your walls look patchy or dirty it destroys the whole image of your house. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some brilliant ways to decorate your walls using everyday items. Our hacks are super easy to do and affordable because you won’t have to hire somebody to do it for you the only thing you need is the color of your choice and imagination.

If you like to look of 3d wallpaper we have the best hack for you! We show you a cool trick to make your wall look 3D using a wide tooth-comb. This will give the wall more dimension and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Simply apply thick coats of emulsion paint on your walls and then using the wide tooth comb rotate it halfway until you’ve created a half circle. Repeat the same process a few more times until you’ve created an even geometric pattern.

If you like the look of textured walls to match your decorations we show you a cool hack using posted notes. Simply stick a few posted notes on your paint roller and start painting. Because the posted notes will be uneven the paint will look evenly patchy with a cool 3D effect. This is perfect if you are looking for a way to have a very modern abstract look for your bedroom that will make it stand out.

If you are looking for a way the make your walls look minimal with cool geometric patterns on them then the answer is masking tape. Simply stick some masking tape on your walls in such a way that it creates different triangle shapes. Then, paint with the color of your choice on top and voila. The only thing left to do is remove the tape and it will look like you’ve just had your walls professionally painted.

If you like abstract expressionism and you’d like to have your walls looking like a huge abstract painting here is what you need to do. First, paint your walls a solid color, preferably black. Then, add thick layers of paint on top very unevenly and then add a layer of cling film on top – press it down to achieve the texture and then remove the cling film.

Watch our whole video to see our wall decoration ideas that will give you the inspiration to create beautiful artistic walls for your home!

0:07 – 3D wall pattern
1:39 – Animal print wallpaper effect
2:19 – Geometric pattern
3:27 – Gradient lavender wall
4:41 – Floral print wall pattern
5:51 – Knitted Sweater pattern
6:53 – Rope wall pattern
7:55 – Cool textured pattern
8:39 – Paint dripping wall pattern
10:17 – Lace textured wall
10:51 – DIY brick painted wall
12:30 – Cool 3D textured wall
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